Jul 092014
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I was thinking about starting this new series, as yesterday seemed to bubble to the surface a rash of people and organizations deserving of the “douche” designation. So the morning started with me thinking about who to feature first, and then a few items down in my Facebook stream, what do I find but an article about Malcom “Mac” Butner the appointed chairman of the Rowan County Housing Authority, and Republican extraordinaire. It seems Mac has been busy on his Facebook wall lately.

Malcom "Mac" Butner

Malcom “Mac” Butner, Rowan County Housing Authority Chairperson

According to The Raw Story:

In referring to the Moral Monday protests, Mac wrote: “Gee, they are all black, I guess the white folk could not get off because they were too busy working (and) being productive, good citizens.”

He also claimed liberals and Democrats “don’t have a principled bone in their body and they don’t care even if our constitutional republic is destroyed.”

“To hell with the lesbos, queers, liberals and baby killers,” he added.

Butner removed some of those posts from his Facebook page, which still shows several pro-Confederate posts he shared, along with his own all-caps commentary.

“The primary difference between the leaders of the Confederate States of America and the Union is that Confederate leaders were godly gentlemen and the Union folks were not,” Butner posted June 5.

Mac manages to pretty much cover the gamut here.

Apparently, because he’s appointed, and posted the items on his own time, he is, as he states, protected by the First Amendment. But I must remind Mac about what the First Amendment is really all about. The First Amendment guarantees that the government can’t regulate or infringe on your right to speak your mind. That doesn’t mean the public can’t, and won’t hold you accountable for your hate speech. But you’re correct, you are free from the government interfering with your right show the world what a douche bag you really are.

Congratulations to Malcom Mac Butner for being our Daily Douche. I believe he’s Republican presidential material.

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