Jul 152014
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We had the nephews over a couple of weekends ago, and got this movie from Redbox.

I’ve seen some user reviews comparing Lone Survivor to Saving Private Ryan. I’m sorry, but Lone Survivor, while a pretty good movie, is just in the same league with Saving Private Ryan.

The acting was not terrible, and overall it was a good story (based on a true story of course), but some of the dialogue was a little strained. The cinematography and sound design were excellent, and I believe it received a couple of Oscar nominations for these technical aspects. I can see why.

The team members are heroes, the Taliban are enemies, and the heroes are able to fight on like in video games or movies. They seem to have multiple lives. The opening 40 minutes it is a somewhat cheesy show of soldiers bravado and training. They’re dropped into Afghanistan to go after a Taliban leader, but the mission goes awry when they encounter a small group of locals there, and they are faced with the decision of killing them and letting go. Soon after, Taliban forces are hot on their tail. The next 40 minutes or so are an action-packed, non-stop war scene. It’s well shot, and while some of it goes a little beyond believe-ability, it is cohesive, and pulls you in.

I’ve read some reviews written by people claiming to be Special Forces that there is a definite air of authenticity to the scenes, the buildings, the uniforms and weapons, so I’ll take their word for that. I did get that sense.

All -in-all, it was a decent movie, and I’m glad we watched.

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