Oct 152014
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David Whitney

David Whitney of IOTC

Conservative Professor Warren Throckmorton tips us to a back-end method to get dominionist views into the schools. David Whitney, receiving today’s Daily Douche award, is head of the “Institute On The Constitution (IOTC),” and is working to form, in schools across the country, deceptively named “American Clubs.” You should know that Whitney teaches that  only born again Christians should be citizens,  and that civil government should worship God according to their dominionist ideas.

It was only a matter of time until one of the dominionists started saying it out loud. No doubt he’ll be called “brave” for just speaking what so many are thinking. If more conservative Christians don’t start slapping this stuff down as soon as their brethren bring it up, Christianity itself is going to be blamed for these attitudes when Christianity is a minority religion.

This is an ugly theology, and a blight on good Christians across this country. The problem facing Christians is not winning hearts and minds, though. Just as Islam is being lost to terrorism and barbarity, Christianity may be lost to racism and dominionism. The IOTC and groups like it are not just wayward Christians; they are as sinister and treacherous as anything this country has ever produced. They have no intention of living peaceably with anyone else, and if Christians who value the Constitution, religious freedom, and peace don’t stand up to them publicly, you’ll have a much harder time claiming they are not the essence of Christianity after they reach their full destructive potential.

I’ve often discussed this with church members and leaders of the Methodist Church about the welcome of LGBT people. You can say, “but we’re not all like that,” all you like, but when Whitney’s message is the loudest and most pervasive message being presented, it matters not. That is what people perceive all religion to be, and it is precisely why so many young people have become “nones.”

So, for just generally being intellectually dishonest, and a dick, David Whitney gets our Daily Douche award.

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