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Tony Perkins, head of SPLC designated Hate Group, The FRCWell, Tony Perkins of the SPLC designated hate group, Family Research Council, just can’t seem to say three words without two of them being lies. And naturally, with all the news lately about marriage equality, he’s been saying lots of words. As usual, anyone business owner who wants to discriminate against LGBT people in violation of local non-discrimination laws is a hero to Tony, but he knows that being honest about it wouldn’t get him anywhere, so he lies.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission announced last week that Hands on Originals, a T-shirt company based in Lexington, Kentucky, discriminated against the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization of Lexington when it refused to print the shirts. Well you can bet that Ms Perkins got his knickers all in a wad over that one, and here’s his statement:

“Just because a company sells to the public doesn’t mean it has to surrender its private views. Even for a t-shirt company, there’s no one-size-fits all approach to managing a business. Like any shop, Hands On has the freedom to establish its own criteria of conduct and conscience. Blaine Adamson, the devout believer who runs Hands On Originals, was stunned. After all, there was no malice in the family’s decision — who politely declined to print t-shirts with a rainbow message that contradicted their faith. Unfortunately for the Left, the Constitution doesn’t award its rights on the basis of political correctness. And until that changes, the Adamsons have as much freedom to reject homosexuality as his customers do to endorse it. While their attorneys at ADF fight on, Hands On’s story is an interesting backdrop to a week full of marriage news. Thanks to the Supreme Court, Christians will be exposed to more attacks of this nature. By refusing to step in and protect state marriage amendments, the Left will have even greater latitude to punish people who morally object to the homosexual agenda.”

[callout]About the FRC: Tony Perkins founded the FRC using a mailing list illegally purchased using campaign contributions from a campaign on which Perkins was working. It was a list of white supremacists obtained from David Duke, a long time friend of Perkins, and Perkins has been the featured speaker at several meetings of white supremacist groups.[/callout]Let’s just take this apart, shall we? Starting with the very first line, no one, Ms Perkins, was told they had to surrender their “private views.” Private views are just that…private. This means you don’t get to bring them into the marketplace though. Opening a store to the public means all the public. But I forgot, you think LGBT people aren’t citizens.

Yes, Ms Perkins, Hands On still has the right to establish its own criteria for conduct and conscience to a point. You can’t decide it’s OK to break the law, like scamming people, pulling a bait and switch, and refusing to serve people you don’t like. But they still get to establish their businesses policies procedures and ethics and culture within the legal framework.

And, always the bullshit about being polite. It does not matter how polite you might be during a robbery, it’s still a robbery. It doesn’t matter how gracious you might be to someone before pulling the trigger, it’s still murder, and it most certainly does not matter how polite you are, Ms Perkins, when you tell someone you refuse to serve them, it’s still discrimination.

Blaine and his wife still, today, have the freedom to reject homosexuality. They can hate gay people all they want, just like you and your white supremacist buddies like David Duke hate black people, but you still can’t discriminate against them…even if you do so politely.

And I know that you obviously believe lying for Jesus is OK, but it is still lying (no matter how polite you are about it), and you’re lying when you claim people are being punished for morally objecting to the homosexual agenda. That’s just not true. They are being punished for discriminating in public commerce. We decided a relatively long time ago that we’re not OK with that in this country.

So Ms Perkins, America, love it or leave it.

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