May 052015
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Ron BaityUnfortunately, as gay people are less afraid to hide in a stifling closet, and are demanding that they be accorded the same rights as every other American, the heads of the leaders of the evangelical branch of the christian right are exploding. They are ratcheting up the rhetoric to a disturbing level, and some of their language is most certainly designed to evoke a violent response by unstable people who follow them. So, I’d like to drop them a note.

Dear Krazy Kristian Kooks:

You all have been consistently trying to claim that the right for equal treatment of LGBT people is not the same as the civil rights movement. You support this primarily by trying to claim the difference is that homosexuality is a choice and not an immutable characteristic. (An interesting position for you to take, given that you are protected based on their religious beliefs…but more on that in a minute.)

First, let’s just stop with the, “it’s a choice” meme. It’s not, and every reputable psychiatric and psychological organization says it’s not. The only people clinging to it are you so-called “christians.” The next time you want to use this argument, ask yourself this: “If it is a choice, that means I could wake up tomorrow morning, and simply decide to be gay/lesbian (whatever is appropriate) and be attracted to men/women. So that’s what I’m saying.” And, oh, by the way, when was it you DECIDED to be straight?

Where it gets interesting, in trying to claim that equal protection should be given based solely on immutable characteristics puts you on very dangerous ground. Christians especially. It is one of the primary tenants of Christianity that it be a choice. To the best of my knowledge, all Christian religions require some sort of decision and “profession of faith.” The Bible says, “knock and the door is opened,” meaning one has to do something. Evangelical branches particularly require one to “pray the sinners prayer and accept Jesus as your savior.” See that whole “accept” language there. A decision, not an immutable characteristic. So, we know that whole argument is bullshit, since you aren’t clamoring to have your own protections removed.

You all love exaggeration. Rarely does anyone on your side speak on this without invoking Nazis, Hitler, Jihad, and terrorism. Just yesterday, at a forum in Iowa, Ted Cruz said:

“Look at the jihad that is being waged now in Indiana and Arkansas, going after people of faith who respect the Biblical teaching that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. We need to bring people together to the religious liberty values that built this country. It wasn’t long ago when this was an area of bipartisan agreement. When it came to the First Amendment we all stood together and said, ‘Of course! Every one of us has God-given right to seek out and worship God.’ This election needs to be about bringing together that consensus again, and that’s got to come from the people.”

I hate to tell you all, but Ted’s lying to you. We are all still in agreement that people have the right to seek out and worship God or gods or the spaghetti monster, or whatever goddess one chooses. You all still have the right to pray to whoever or whatever you want, in whatever way you choose, and to attend any church or other house of worship, and say the ugliest things you can think of about LGBT people. You have the right, and will always have the right to refuse, in your churches, to marry anyone you want to exclude, gay or straight. You will always have the right to refuse membership to anyone you don’t want in your church or religion, just as it has always been. Trust me, we don’t want to come your church, nor get married in your building.

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