May 052015
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Tony Perkins - FRC Founder and speaker at various white supremacists' meetings

Tony Perkins – FRC Founder and speaker at various white supremacists’ meetings

The rhetoric is ramping up even more after the recent Supreme Court hearing on the subject of marriage equality. Tony Perkins of the SPLC designated hate group, Family Research Council (founded using a mailing list illegally purchased by Perkins from KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke), has called for the impeachment of any justices who vote for marriage equality. The Dugger’s, of 48 Kids and Counting or something like that, have said they will defy any Supreme Court ruling that doesn’t comport with their religious beliefs.  Religious leader, and obvious crackpot, Rick Wiles, has decided that God will destroy the earth with a fireball from space if SCOTUS rules in favor of marriage equality.  The pastor of a church in Milledgeville, Ga., recently changed the sign outside his church to read, “Homosexuality is a death worthy crime.”

Glenn Beck claims that marriage equality will somehow shut down half the churches in America. Wow, that’s some weak institution he’s a part of.

Perhaps most troubling are the people like Alan Keyes (and he’s hardly the only one), who said a ruling in favor of marriage equality is a, “just cause for war.” Matt Barber, of Liberty University, has claimed this may be a time for revolution. And when some other crackpot picks up a gun and shoots up a gay wedding, they’ll claim they never actually said that people should use violence.

I realize these folks are frightened the financial gravy train they’ve been on may be coming to the end of the line, but seriously, it’s time to stop with stupid already.

We know what the next play they’ll be making is, to keep the money rolling in. We’ve already seen it in a number of red states, and those are these Jim Crowe laws for LGBT people that some legislatures are trying to pass. They purport to “protect religious liberty,” but what they do is offer a license to discriminate against LGBT is you just don’t like them. I thought this country was well past this sort of thing, but alas, it has again reared its ugly head.

The claim is that people are being “jailed or put out of business” for their religious beliefs. Let’s clear this up folks. That’s just not true. There have been a few bakers, florists, and wedding photographers who decided they should have the special right to discriminate, so they BROKE THE LAWS of their state, and did so. The reason, they claim they should not be made to PARTICIPATE in a gay wedding. So let me explain that to you all with an example, if selling a gay couple a wedding cake means a “christian” baker participated in their marriage, does selling a gun to a murderer mean a “christian” gun store owner participated in the murder? So, NO, we’re not asking you to be the Best Man, or the flower girl. We are expecting you to deliver some flowers, likely a couple of hours before any ceremony, for which you will paid. If it happens we invite you to the wedding, you don’t have to come. That might border on participating, but delivering flowers prior to the ceremony is NOT participation.

Here’s the thing, for all you people cloaking yourselves in your religion to make you feel better about your bigotry. You’re freedom of religion is not in peril. Guess what, despite what Tony Perkins and Matt Brown will tell you, even if the Supreme Court were to rule tomorrow that LGBT are equal to you, and enjoy the benefits of civil marriage, your religious rights will not be diminished one iota. But you will be expected to treat that nice gay couple the same as you would a Jewish couple, a multi-racial couple, or the black folks moving into your neighborhood.

It is time for you folks to grow up.

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