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tinkywinkyI used to have a series of articles here listing the causes, advanced by many crazy people, of what causes homosexuality. It included such things as peanut butter, orange juice, and of course Teletubbies (I’m not kidding), amongst other things. I don’t know what happened. It appears the site lost a number of posts between 2006 and 2011. I’m trying to find an old backup to see if I can recapture those. In the meantime, we’ll start the list all over again with this doozy.

Based on a comment in response to a Facebook post, ” There are those who think it is a side effect of some childhood immunizations or combinations thereof.”

This has to be one of the most unique I can think of. Let’s start with a number of problems with this, from the most recent working back into time.

First off, I thought immunizations caused Autism, not homosexuality (sorry, I had to get that snark in). That’s been the most recent ridiculous claim about immunizations. Those anti-vaxxers will take great offense to someone trying to co-opt their cause celeb.

I’m gay, and since my mother was the school nurse, I had them all, so I suppose, given how evangelicals treat science, that’s proof enough. The problem with this logic is that, up until recently, everyone had to have the immunizations to go to school. And you can bet, in the Kings Mountain School District, mom saw to it the kids had them…that would seem to mean most everyone in Kings Mountain should have turned out gay. Naturally, I know there are more in town than admit to it, but it’s hardly everyone.

Stepping back into history a little further, there was a time when we didn’t know of any such thing as immunizations. And despite the evangelicals trying to pretend that homosexuality is some new creation, we can go back to the Old Testament…if they believe the Bible is inerrant…and that was the whole point of Sodom (if you believe that interpretation). And then there was King David and Jonathon. So that kind of shoots that whole theory in the foot.

The key here, to understanding these sort of things is the preface, “There are those…” I’ve asked the person making the comment to provide the citations for the scientific studies on which “those” are relying, but nothing’s been offered up so far. As usual.

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