Jun 262015

One has to hand it to the National Rifle Association (NRA), no one is better at controlling the narrative. Take any mass shooting, and the blood won’t be dry at the scene, but they will have already set the narrative in motion to blame the victims for not being armed themselves. They have created a vocal membership instilled with abject fear that they are just moments away fandom being attacked themselves, and through being able to buy more guns, and carry them in more places will they be safe. Never able to understand that the only thing creating the remote the possibility of them being victims is their own insistence of more guns in the hands of more people.

The argument will always be that “guns don’t kill people, people do.” But they never acknowledge that gun violence and murders by guns are only increasing in this country, in proportion to the number of guns sold. Never mind their other meme about how gun laws won’t stop criminals from using guns. In a Facebook conversation following the included graphic, I’ve kept asking, was Charleston shooter Roof a criminal or a legally licensed gun owner? The ammosexuals on the thread simply refuse to answer the question.

boxcutterUnfortunately for them, I think the graphic makes the point for gun control. As I point out, after 9/11 there were reasonable rules and regulations put into place to keep box cutters out of the hands of people in certain situations, so that kind of mass murder doesn’t happen again, and it has worked. I also don’ t remember the National Box Cutters Association rallying its members to demand that, instead of reasonable regulations, a requirement for all the “good guys” on planes be allowed to concealed carry their box cutters.

I’m sure there are some criminals who managed to get their hands on a box cutter, and murder someone with it, but that was never used as an excuse to not implement some reasonable regulations to keep them away from places there was no good reason to have one, and even the “responsible box cutter owners” never objected.

So for once, I find common ground with the ammosexuals. I say, just as they suggest here, let’s treat guns just as we did box cutters after 9/11. Despite their claims otherwise, the rate of gun violence the more guns there are, and the fewer regulations. How can any sane person argue for less guns and fewer controls, especially if they want their guns to protect themselves from gun violence.

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