Aug 312015
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Scott Lively Homophobe Grifter

Scott Lively,Homophobe Grifter (Photo by Tim Pierce

Scott Lively is an attorney who heads up something called the “Abiding Truth Ministries.” He’s risen to some prominence lately by taking his message of hate and bigotry towards LGBT people international. He found an especially receptive audience in Ugandan government officials, and helped pass anti-gay legislation which called for the death penalty for homosexual acts. Of course, he later claimed to be against such a bill, and claimed he had nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, some folks in Uganda saw it differently, and the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a federal lawsuit against Lively on behalf of a gay rights group, Sexual Minorities Uganda, under the Alien Tort Statute. The suit accused Lively of violating international law by conspiring to persecute the Ugandan LGBT community, portraying their movement as “pedophilic” and “genocidal”, and linking it “to the Nazis and Rwandan murderers”.

You’ll notice that throughout his career as a hate grifter, Lively’s held Nazis in a special place in his rhetoric, even writing a book called the Pink Swastika, which claims that the Nazis were created by a bunch of hyper-masculine gays. (Yeah, he believes Hitler was hyper-masculine.) I offer this from a recent article on his website as evidence of his animus and hatred, and desire to protect his own ability to discriminate:

Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) (also known as sexual orientation anti-discrimination policies) are the most devious tactic of the LGBT movement for stripping Christians of First Amendment protections and setting the stage for the “gay” takeover of any social, political or cultural entity.   These SORs are the seed that contains the entire tree of the homosexual agenda with all of its poisonous fruit.

The references to Nazism are never very far away, and he can’t seem to ever discuss anything related to homosexuality without bringing it up. It’s most recently come up in an article on World Net Daily:

Lively“The ‘Equality Act’ should be called the ‘Gaystapo Empowerment Act,’ because if passed it will give homosexual activists and their allies the legal power to attack and punish Christians and other pro-family advocates in virtually every sphere of American life. The trampling of Christian bakers, florists, bed and breakfast hotel owners etc. that we’ve seen this far will instantly transform from a few disturbing anomalies to the ‘new normal’ for nearly everyone who wants to live according to God’s law and values. Now, facing the potential passage of the Equality Act, I wonder if I or my organization, Abiding Truth Ministries, will be among the first targets of its overreach. For the first time in my pro-family missionary career, I’m genuinely concerned ATM’s ability speak freely in America may soon be curtailed – under threat of legal penalties, perhaps even criminal charges. The ‘gays’ are moving with lightning speed to consolidate their power, and their motives are not benign. On my five-stage scale of the LGBT takeover of a society (tolerance, acceptance, celebration, forced participation and punishment of dissenters), Obergefell represents the establishment of Stage 4 as constitutional law. The Equality Act will usher in Stage 5 on a grand scale.”

He is ever so worried that so-called “Christian” business owners will have to treat LGBT people equally, but make not mistake, Lively and others are using these claims as the Trojan Horses to allow a return to Jim Crowe laws. If anyone thinks that the “right to refuse service based on religious beliefs” will stop with LGBT people, think again. It will be just a matter of time before Hispanics and African-Americans are being refused service. Some business owners in South Carolina have already announced it.

For my Christian friends out there, I simply remind you, he’s doing all this in the name of his “Christian beliefs.” You all can sit around all day, and claim he’s just some marginal nutcase, and doesn’t represent the majority of Christians, but the problem is the majority of Christians are doing just what you all are, and ignoring him. This is why he, and others like him, become the face of Christianity, which is driving away young people. Now, if you want your churches and denominations to continue to shrink, you’re doing all the right things by ignoring people like Scott, but if you want to attract new young people, you’d better start stepping up and renouncing this kind of bullshit.

Science vs Jindal

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Aug 302015
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Well, Bobby Jindal succeeds, yet again, in making an idiot of himself. He apparently decided that he should tell President Obama what the President should and shouldn’t say during his visit to New Orleans. An article on Think Progress discusses Jindal’s fear that actual facts and science might be discussed in Louisiana this week.

“While you and others may be of the opinion that we can legislate away hurricanes with higher taxes, business regulations and EPA power grabs, that is not a view shared by many Louisianans. I would ask you to respect this important time of remembrance by not inserting the divisive political agenda of liberal environmental activism.”

Again with the hyperbole in fealty to the Koch’s coal lobby. Only a moron like Bobby would imagine that hurricanes can be legislated away. What can be legislated is the reduction of harm we are doing to our tiny planet (the only one we have). That we can and should do, but of course, not if one is a Teapublican trying to out-idiot the rest of the Republican field. Continue reading »

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Aug 292015

Trump and Religion

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Aug 292015
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, June 17, 2015.  REUTERS/Dominick Reuter TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY


I can’t think of much that makes me angrier than politicians, on either side of the aisle, who try to use religion to advance their political careers. To a one, most (especially Republicans) claim to be “Christian,” but then behave nothing like a Christian. They do all they can to kill the social safety net, ignoring that whole Sermon on the Mount thing about “blessed are the poor,” and the many parts about caring the widow and orphan (according to the Bible, the real sin of Sodom). They agitate for war at every turn, ignoring that whole, “blessed are the peacemakers,” and loving your neighbor stuff.

Marco Rubio may be champion of it. His religion has changed frequently over time, depending on which denomination best suits his political aims the time. And now, Donald Trump has basically been caught in a lie about his personal convictions.

We start with him making a big thing in an interview about how religious he is, about how much he loves the Bible, about how he really likes both Testaments equally, and how he reads it all the time. I’d say, then the wheels come off, but they were never even actually on. Listen to the brief excerpt of the interview below: Continue reading »

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Aug 222015

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Aug 152015

Bill Donohue’s Usual Hyperbole

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Aug 122015
Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue, for those of you who don’t know, is the head, and as best anyone can tell, only employee or member of an organization called, “The Catholic League.” The Catholic League appears to be, in its entirety, Bill, a blog, and a mailing list. Yet he’s often invited on certain news networks to pontificate about all manner of social issues, of which he seems to have no expertise or background. He is, however, quite the mouthpiece for the positions of the Conference of U.S. Catholic Bishops. So my guess is, USCCB is his benefactor.

So, because he only has something to complain about when he exaggerates, he is claiming that American gay rights activists are seeking to “criminalize the Bible.” His case is based on a situation where a Swiss group has filed a complaint (in Switzerland) against a Catholic Bishop there. But, in Bill’s usual hyperbolic way, he puts his case this way, “His offense? He quoted from the Bible. The accused: Swiss Bishop Vitus Huonder. The accusers: gay activists in Europe and the United States.”

Let’s look at the entire situation. Apparently Bishop Huonder spoke at a Catholic Forum in Germany. Along with his usual denunciation of LGBT people, he quoted Leviticus. Now here’s how Bill describes it, “On July 31, Bishop Huonder spoke at a Catholic forum in Germany, and in his remarks he quoted from Leviticus the passage condemning homosexuality. He also criticized gender theory.” He’s not wrong here, but notice that he doesn’t give the exact verse, nor the text of that verse. Let me help you out with that: Continue reading »

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Aug 012015