Mar 252016
James Sheffield

Transgendered James Sheffield who’s explained to Gov. McCrory that he will now have to use the Ladies Room

So let’s take a look at the practical impacts of this bill:

  • If a place, say Charlotte, where the cost of living is higher than in other parts of the state, believes it to be in their best interest to raise the minimum wage in their jurisdiction, they can’t.
  • If you are a transgendered person who has or is going the transition, you still have to use the restroom of your “birth gender.” that means this guy will be going to the Ladies restroom. You women OK with that, and Tim, do you promise the cops won’t harass him?
  • If your child is under over 7 years old, and a different gender than you, then he or she can’t go to the restroom with you.
  • If you child, parent, spouse, or whoever, has a disability, you can’t aid them if you are not the same gender.
  • You’ll have to carry your birth certificate with you to use public restrooms I guess.

How much will this cost for Law Enforcement to be checking IDs at the restroom doors?

I’ve seen lots of backwards, hateful, and ignorant things come out of Congress and State Legislatures, but North Carolina’s government has taken the prize, and I hope they suffer for it. The problem is, it will be shared suffering.

Let’s think about the negative impacts:

  • Major businesses headquartered or doing business in the State have expressed concerns about the bill, and some have threatened to leave.
  • Professional sports organizations are rethinking the events planned for Charlotte.
  • There is a real human to toll to this, such as, Blake Brockington, a young trans activist celebrated nationwide as the first out trans homecoming king in a North Carolina high school, is being mourned after committing suicide Monday night, reports North Carolina LGBT newspaper QNotes.
  • North Carolina is now seen internationally as a bigoted, ignorant state.
  • The State may loose $4.5B in federal education dollars.
  • People  will be having to use the restroom with people they are clearly uncomfortable with.
  • The State will be on the hook for years of litigation and the associated costs that will be borne by taxpayers.

Now, let’s see…what good things:

  • Uh, just a minute…I’m sure something will come to me…Oh yeah, Tim Moore and his butt buddies McCrory, Art Pope, and the Koch’s all get to feel good about themselves.
  • The ‘phobes have a couple of new heroes, and Benam brothers now have their right to discriminate restored to them.

What can you add to either list?

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