Jun 292016

DOUCHES_1Well, again, it just makes sense to give the award to a group, since they are conspiring together to return North Carolina to the 1800s. It seems that something was finally found to put the fear of God into the members of the North Carolina General Assembly about HB2…the NBA. Never mind jobs, reputation, economic growth…no, the threat of losing the All-star game brought them around…sort of. So  here’s to you Tim Moore, Pat McCrory and Phil Berger…you’re all Douche Bags.

What they have held a secret meeting to come up with is a change to HB2. They think a tweak will give the NBA cover to not more the game, and maybe this has even been negotiated with the NBA in advance. Let’s hope that the NBA isn’t stupid enough to have fallen for this papers to pee scam.

So HB2 says, you have to go the restroom of the gender on your birth certificate. You can’t get that changed until you have fully transitioned which many people never do, and many don’t for a lot of years. But, if you happen to live somewhere that won’t allow to change your birth certificate, which remains a steadfast HB2 requirement, you can register with the State (sound familiar to any of your Jewish friends), and they’ll give you a restroom license which you must have on you to go the restroom.

None of the other most egregious aspects of the bill have been touched, and the one they are “tweaking,” they have managed to make worse. Have no fear though, I don’t think they are stupid. I think they know exactly what they are doing, and so Little Closet Case Tim Moore, Pat Bathroom Bill McCrory, and Phil Asshole Berger, we are proud to award you today’s Douche-bag award.

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