Jun 132016

4-LiesThere’s much I can say about the massacre in Orlando, and will write more about that after some reflection, but this one topic was too clear and obvious to need any reflection. It is time to end the NRA claim about how a “good-guy-with-a-gun” will rush in and save the day, if only there’s one around.

I don’t believe a single event should set a precedent or make a point, so I’ll start with another example. A Facebook “friend” posted an article about one of these always-armed ammosexuals, who was claimed in the article to be a hero. Apparently around May 30, 2016, in a Houston Mall, a 25-year-old Army veteran allegedly suffering from PTSD opened fire. Concealed carry permit holder Byron Wilson drew his handgun and engaged the shooter. The article she posted claimed Wilson was a hero because he ran towards the shooting and not away.

Wilson was shot three times, along with seven other people. It took the local SWAT team to take down the shooter. It doesn’t appear Wilson ever even hit the guy.

So let’s look at this situation. In a crowd, some mentally unstable person went on a shooting rampage. Police were on the way, but a second shooter rushes in and starts firing in that same crowd. This “hero,” had he still be shooting, was adding to the danger and confusion, and would have made it especially difficult for the SWAT team to suss out was and wasn’t the bad guy. In fact, if they had shot Wilson, they would have been justified.

And now to Orlando, where we have yet another situation where a person who was clearly unstable, and with a violent history was able to too-easily acquire high-capacity, rapid-firing weapons, and acted on his bigotry. There was a police officer at the club who attempted to engage the shooter there. He was out-gunned, and had to fall back. It took the SWAT team to finally take down the guy.

So, unless you think a trained police officer with a weapon isn’t a good guy with a gun, here are the examples that say, it doesn’t work like gun-nuts claim it works. This NRA meme needs to come off the table. It doesn’t work. If more guns and less gun control make us safer, this America should be the safest place on earth, and we all know it ain’t.

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