Aug 142016
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I’m sure a lot of people are not going to like this, but it needs to be said. No amount of twisted justifications and logical gymnastics can justify supporting Donald Trump for the office of President of the United States. I’d like to say the man is just a joke, but there is nothing laughable about his disposition, nor the way he has managed his life and run his businesses.

First off, conservatives love to claim they support our troops (never mind that the Republicans in Congress have consistently blocked funding bills for veteran services). If you support Donald Trump, you no longer get to claim that you support our troops and veterans, so just STFU about that. Donald Trump should have been immediately disqualified from being taken seriously the minute he made disparaging comment about prisoners of war. This was his comment directed at question about John McCain when Trump claimed he preferred people who weren’t captured. The phrasing took is beyond just not liking Trump, and insulting every U.S. POW.

Agree or disagree with John McCain’s politics, the man served his country, and endured a very special hell of torture and captivity as a POW, along with many other Americans during Vietnam. During the Revolutionary War, an estimated 20,000 Americans were held as prisoners of war and 8,500 died in captivity. In WWI, approximately 4,120 Americans were held as prisoners of war and there were 147 confirmed deaths. During WWII, the Germans, In Europe, held over 94,000 Americans were interned, and in the Pacific, nearly 30,000 Americans were interned by the Japanese. Over 40% of those died in captivity. During the Korean conflict, more than 7,100 Americans were captured and interned, and just over 2,700 are known to have died while interned. During the longest war in American history, the Vietnam War, 766 Americans are known to have been prisoners of war. Of this number, 114 died during captivity. Unlike previous wars, the length of time as a POW was extensive for many, with some being interned for more than seven years. ((National Park Services Website, POWs in American History: A Synopsis, Alan Marsh, Cultural Resources Specialist, 1998.))

donald-trumpSo, Trumps remarks were a slap in the face to each and every one of these service men and women, and if you support Trump, you DO NOT support America’s troops, so stop pretending.

After the Democratic Convention, thin-skinned Trump (the oh-so tough business mogul) had to attack the Khan family, a Gold-Star family. In case you don’t know what a Gold-Star family is, it’s the family of someone who has died in service of their country. ((New York Daily News, Gold Star families demand apology from Trump as he continues to blast parents of slain Muslim-American U.S. Army captain, Nicole Hensley and Adam Edelman, August 1, 2016)) So Trump and his surrogates had to try to attack this family, and have tried to attack him for who he works for, and what the family’s motivations were. It does not matter. Their son died in service to this country, and a man who would attack such a family under any circumstances is NOT fit to be the Commander-In-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. And again, if you pretend to respect the service and sacrifice of our service members, but support Trump, you are lying to yourself and everyone else.

And then there was the incident where Trump, again, because of his thin-skinned, had to make fun of a person with a physical handicap. ((CNN, Trump Mocks Reporter with Disability, John Berman)) Class act that was. And once again, Trump and his supporters laughed, and attempted to justify and dismiss this insulting, childish behavior…hardly the behavior of a legitimate leader.

We can talk about how he has basically had absolutely no business success to speak of, and has managed to keep up a level of wealth (likely smaller than he claims) by simply conning and scamming people and businesses large and small.

I can go on and on listing the insulting, ignorant, and just plain stupid things Trump has said to show how utterly unqualified he is for the position of President, but what bothers me more is his supporters who continue to ignore the wrong or deceitful information he espouses, and to take to heart his ha (non-PC) violent language, claim it to be a virtue, and then act on it. Threatening reporters, beating protestors, threatening and recently (likely) killing Muslims, and just douche-bag actions.

In this country, you have a right to vote for whoever you want, and if want Donald Trump as President, by all means vote for him, but stop pretending you believe in what America stands for. Stop pretending you believe in the Constitution (because your beloved Trump does not), and by all means stop trying to convince yourselves that it is the “Christian” thing to do. He is not anti-LGBT, and never has been; he is not pro-life, and never has been; and he’s a casual “Easter/Christmas services Christian.” I’ll bet he can’t recite the Lord’s Prayer nor the Apostles Creed.

Donald Trump has never believed in the positions he has taken as a Republican, and he has publicly mocked and laughed at how Republicans would be the ones who would fall for his bullshit if he ever ran. And fall for it you have, and just like the small businesses he has harmed and put out of business over the years; he has scammed you all, but I don’t feel sorry for you. You have supported and enabled him, and you deserve to be today’s douche, but don’t inflict his idiocy, and yours, on the rest of us.

So, because you have worked hard to remain intentionally ignorant of who your candidate is, because you have supported a person who actively disparages those the Bible calls on us to care for, and because you are excusing, accepting and taking up his violent rhetoric, you Trump Supporters earn Douche of the Day honors.

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