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Mar 262016

Let’s Talk Restrooms…Or Not

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Mar 252016
Speaker Tim Moore bent over like he's expecting his boy friend to show up (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

Speaker Tim Moore bent over like he’s expecting his boy friend to show up (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

I’m getting tired of hearing about and talking about public restrooms. I don’t particularly like having to use them, but I’m sure thankful they’re there sometimes. I suspect most folks feel the same.

But alas, the public restroom is under attack. Where once one could go for some semi-private release, it’s now a place where evil-doers and gender-obsessed perverts lurk. Public restrooms are now symbols of doom and perversion. And who are these evil-doers and perverts? Well, Republicans of course. I know you didn’t think I was going to say transgender people. That’s who Republicans think it is, and boy howdy, are they obsessed that a female might grab a look at their little pee-pees I guess, and I can understand how that would be an embarrassment to them.

Not to mention the fact that, statistically, you’re more apt to have a problem with a creepy Congressman pervert in the bathroom than with a transgendered person. Think about it.

So, what they want you to think is that just made some minor tweaks to what they call the Charlotte Bathroom Bill. House Speaker Tim Moore, the rightful face of this mess, put a post on his Facebook page last night trying to ‘splain it all away. He starts with: Continue reading »

Required Campaign and Voting Changes to Save America

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Mar 252016
This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series 2016 Elections

I was recently involved in an exchange with someone in a discussion thread about elections, candidates, and what a sad state we’ve reached in this country. We seem no longer interested in extending the right to free and fair elections, but have allowed Republican controlled legislatures and Congress to withdraw that freedom. And that doesn’t even take into account the Republican Clown Car of candidates they’ve posited for President.

One of the commenters concerns was that the founding fathers likely never envisioned a class of professional full-time politicians. I have to agree with him on that one. Some people argue that if the founders had meant to limit terms, they would have written it in, but then you look at Washington, and all the early Presidents who voluntarily limited their terms. I suspect they just assumed everyone would be as wise (boy were they mistaken). I used to be opposed to term limits for Congress and legislatures, but I’ve changed my mind on that one, and believe it is required for democracy to have a chance. That is sort of outside the scope of “elections,” but I wanted to include that. Continue reading »

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Mar 192016

Scary Out There in Republican Land

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Mar 162016
This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series 2016 Elections

I respect and would defend everyone’s right to pick the candidate they believe best represents their interests. I do, however, believe people often forget that their own interests are served when elected officials try to do their best for the entire country, fully realizing some things are a zero sum game.

With that said, I have to tell I’ve moved past being worried to being disgusted at the way some people are deciding on who to vote for, and I am especially looking at Trump’s supporters.

Of course they hate Secretary Clinton. She’s dishonest, email, and Benghazi. They simply won’t hear that their own Republican’s in Congress ran investigation after investigation (for no other purpose than doing political damage to her, and said so), but were able to come with nothing to hang on her. Because of my work, I know something about email management, and even about email management at the State Dept., and Secretary Clinton did nothing that wasn’t done by all the Secretaries prior to her. As for Benghazi, never mind it was the Republican Congress that slashed funding for Embassy Protection. When you explain all of this to them, it’s like they are little kids sticking their fingers in their ears and saying La La La La La. Continue reading »

Mar 152016

Today is my birthday. I’ll admit it, I’m feeling my age more lately. It takes a little more duck tape and glue to keep me going. But today I’m thinking about a friend who died last week, and the too short life he lived. It would be a good model for us all.

Some of you know that from early 1996 to 2000, I lived in Dayton, OH having moved from Tampa (where I now live for the second time). Dayton is a pleasant place, but it was kind of hard to meet people, and a Tampa friend who had moved from Dayton to Tampa explained this to me on a return visit to Tampa. He explained that not a lot of people move to Dayton. That most people have lived there most of their lives, and as I did meet folks, I found that to be true. They had the same friends since high school or longer.

JulioBut my first and best friend was a cute hyperactive young guy who tended bar at a small bar downtown. (I wish I could remember the name of the bar). His name was Julio Salem. He made sure to introduce me to others, and you would have thought I was the only person in the bar. Always friendly, always laughing and full of life. He called me a few years ago, to tell me he was going to be doing an internship at Disney in Orlando, and that I had to come over. I made it over once, then he moved to St. Pete and worked at the Georgie’s Alibi  for a while, and we saw him a couple of times there. He was the friend you just picked right back up with.

He later moved to Ft. Lauderdale, but was found dead one morning last week. I have no inkling of the cause, but got some information it may have been a heart attack, as he had a heart condition. Now Julio couldn’t have been much more than barely in his 40s if that old, but if he had a heart condition, it was that it was just too big for one person. Continue reading »

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Mar 122016

Weekly Twitter Digest

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Mar 052016

This Is How It Starts – The Trump Campaign

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Mar 012016
This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series 2016 Elections

donald-trump-july-10-2015I’ve written pretty extensively about Cruz’s beliefs and his campaign. He remains my biggest fear as President because of his deep-seated religious beliefs, but Trump is already making the U.S. a terrible place. His campaign has given permission to the racists and xenophobes in this country to take off the masks of civility, and revel in their hate. And so far, candidate Trump has done nothing to dissuade them.

This is how it starts, we know how it ends. History has taught us, but as too often the case, we have decided to forego the lessons of history. Oh yes, a bare few Republican party leaders are timidly calling Trump out, but Rubio and Cruz are aiding and abetting by trying to out Trump Trump. Continue reading »