May 262017

Trump TV PosterI’ve come up with an idea for how to save the Republic from the mafia family currently trying to take it over. This of course means getting the “Clown-in-Chief, Trump, and his gang of thieves out of the White House. First, I need to establish some background about Trump and recent events.

  • Trump never really wanted to nor did he expect to be elected President. He enjoys being the spoiler/martyr sitting on the sidelines pontificating about how bad the other person is. This was his reason for starting the “rigged election” narrative. It would mean he wasn’t a “loser” (a word he so loves to throw around about others), but had just been cheated out of being elected.
  • However, don’t make the mistake of thinking he’d be sad about that. The guy has turned being the martyr into an art, and he would have done that had he lost. He would have likely started his “Trump TV” venture (a key part of my plan), to give himself a platform to stay in the public eye, and stroke his ego.
  • He’s both physically and intellectually lazy. The job of President requires a level of physicality. Most modern presidents must maintain a pretty grueling pace of study, meetings, public appearances, late nights, middle of the night issues, all while living in the fish bowl that is the White House. He’s made it clear he’s not interested in any level of detail, and cares about the big picture on only a few specific issues.
  • He’s also clearly not intelligent. Anyone who comes from the kind of money he comes from could get into an Ivey League school. I suspect it will someday come out that he paid to get his school work done by others…maybe even having others take tests for him. It is well established he’s not a good business person, and lacks the ability to make considered decisions. His business ventures are never (N.E.V.E.R) successful. Everything he’s gone into has failed, and only the grace of good lawyers and accountants has he escaped by screwing everyone else in the ventures.
  • Trump is a narcissist with egomaniacal characteristics. Because of this, he would never resign. If he just resigned with no better excuse than he didn’t want to do it, that would make him a clear failure, and he’d never do that. He’s always had people to bail him out of his bad decisions, and surrounded himself with sycophants who feed that ego, so I think he honestly believes he’s a great titan of business, and the smartest kid on the block (talk about the Emperor having no clothes). So, he’ll never understand that his is already a failed Presidency, and he can’t let himself be seen as a failure. There is one hope, and that’s to convince there’s a way for him to have even more of an impact, and will be crux of the plan.
  • The wheels are finally flying off at Fox News. It’s been exposed for the cesspool it is. Ailes was forced, and even their weekday  evening’s bulwark, Bill O’Reilly has been forced out due to his “sexcapades.” Sean Hannity is now losing it because it’s getting harder to attack Obama and Clinton (not that he doesn’t try), so he has resort to absurd stories and conspiracy theories…and his advertisers are wising up.

So, how does all this help us save our Republic? Consider the bullets above as the touchstones. The key to the plan is that I think Trump thought being President would be all fun and games, and he would be the CEO of America. That it would give him more power, and everyone in the federal government would bow to his every command. He’s learned quickly that even the Republicans in Congress have egos as big as his, and that there are some very smart and committed people who work in government, and who aren’t ready to simply destroy the institutions of America, just to satisfy the whims of a childish 70-year-old  born with a silver spoon in his ass. I believe he’s already growing weary of the grind, as he realizes there’s actual work involved, and events and other world leaders don’t schedule themselves around his golf schedules. He’s not having the fun he expected, and I think he would love to find a face-saving way out.

So, here’s what I think we must do. We convince him that we all now surely realize it’s just too damned hard to change things in Washington from inside the walls. We need someone with the vision and clout outside the walls to knock them down to “drain the swamp” as it were. The good folks at Fox News used to help keep Washington in check with their “fair and balanced” reporting, but with Roger Ailes no longer steering the ship in the right direction, we see how it is already starting to falter.

Who better to step into the breech than someone who’s seen the enemy from the inside, and has the resources and wherewithal to create the next siege. What we need is (drum roll please) TRUMP TV. That’s right, Donald, you better serve the country, and more effectively dismantle the entrenched bureaucracy by working outside to expose the graft and corruption of the ruling class. Oh, and a couple of your friends from Fox need jobs, so they could move on over with you, and carry on the good fight.

It feeds his ego, and gives him an excuse to resign, and go play the martyr card. Oh, and for those of you who know, like me, that the last thing we need is a Fox News II, remember, this new version will be a Trump enterprise, so it will fail in a few years anyway…likely before the next Presidential election if we can get him started on it right away.

Join me in flooding the White House with letters explaining how we need a Trump TV, with him at the helm, guiding us through these turbulent times, so we can make some real change in Washington (wink wink).

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