Let’s elect America’s first openly-gay governor
16 August 2017 | 6:26 pm

Let’s make LGBT history. Please contribute $25 to the campaign of a man who hopes to become America’s first openly-gay governor. I had no idea until now that we’ve never had an openly-gay man elected governor of any state. Rich Madaleno plans to change that by becoming the Governor of Maryland next year. After the horrific […]


Trump bans transgender troops to divert attention from growing Sessions scandal
26 July 2017 | 7:29 pm

Donald Trump today announced a ban on transgender American serving in the US military. Trump not only reversed President Obama’s earlier decision permitting trans troops to serve, Trump even surprised his own military leaders who were not involved in the decision, and who had previously signed off on letting trans people serve. Why did Trump […]


Malta legalizes gay marriage
12 July 2017 | 8:07 pm

The island country of Malta today legalized marriage for gay couples. Damn. Malta is a strongly Roman Catholic country, yet only one lawmaker out of 67 opposed the same-sex marriage legislation. The Catholic archbishop was, of course, opposed, and offered one of the most hysterical reasons yet: Carobs are not oranges. Archbishop Charles Scicluna had […]


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