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Dec 232017

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Dec 092017

Marva Johnson-Spectrum Douche Bag of the Day

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Dec 082017
This entry is part 31 of 31 in the series Daily Douche-Bag

Marva Johnson. Here’s a name you may not know, but you’d better learn who she is, and what here (and apparently her employer’s) agenda is for public education. A lawyer by training from Winter Garden, she is the vice president of state government affairs for Charter Communications’ (Spectrum) Southeast region. She also is chair of the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. In addition, In March, the governor appointed her to the 37-member statewide Constitutional Revision Commission, which is considering changes to be made by amendment.

Marva Johnson, VP of Government Affairs, SE, Charter Communications / Spectrum

So, here we have a non-educator (a telecommunications company lobbyist) making education policy. I can’t even find that she even has children, but that aside, other than being a Repbulican sucking up to Ric Scott, I can’t find anything that qualifies her for a job in education. But here is the big tell, as a member of Constitutional Revision Commission, she introduced an amendment to exempt education from the state’s constitutional ban on using public funds for religious organizations. “She further recommended that state money go to private schools, including religious ones, to support students whose individual learning needs are not ‘completely met and accommodated’ at their zoned public schools.”1

Her employer, Spectrum, continues to support her involvement on these boards and commissions, so they surely are responsible for supporting this new attempt to raid the public coffers of money for public education, and transfer it to their friends in private and religious for-profit schools (and if you don’t think religious schools don’t make money to help sustain their sponsoring churches, think again). This is the big plan, to choke the public schools of resources, claim they don’t work, and transfer our tax dollars to their wealthy friends and supporters.  Scott got $71,000.00 from Brighthouse Networks (Johnson’s employer).

My suggestion…if you care about public education, maybe you shouldn’t be a customer of Spectrum.



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Dec 022017

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Oct 072017

Rep. Tim Murphy – Douche-Bag of The Day

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Oct 042017
This entry is part 1 of 31 in the series Daily Douche-Bag

If Republicans have any  real principles, it is hypocrisy. They never seem to have any problem accepting money to advance whatever culture war issue or policy and imposing it on everyone else, while doing just the opposite in their personal lives. It seems that Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), couldn’t avoid a little adultery, and some violation of the “sanctity of the unborn child.”

It seems the Pittsburg Gazette got hold of a document dump of texts and office documents from the Representative’s office. It seems Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist in Pittsburgh with whom the congressman admitted last month to having a relationship, texted him upset about some statements his office released on abortion. She wrote, “And you have zero issue posting your pro-life stance all over the place when you had no issue asking me to abort our unborn child just last week when we thought that was one of the options…” Continue reading »

Pat Robertson – Douche-bag of the Day

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Oct 032017
This entry is part 2 of 31 in the series Daily Douche-Bag

Pat Robertson is yet another of those folks who could make a daily appearance on the Douche Bag of The Day channel, instead, he plys his BS on CBN. The latest is his attempt to blame the Las Vegas shooting on disrespect for his butt-buddy, Donald Trump (there’s an image I’ll have trouble getting out of my mind) and the National Anthem.

So, here’s what Pat had to say: Continue reading »

Oct 012017
This entry is part 3 of 31 in the series Daily Douche-Bag

So who the hell is Bret Whipple you are probably asking. Well Bret is Cliven Bundy’s attorney (which makes him sleazy enough to earn the prize, but wait, there’s more). Bret, in court filings tried to claim that Bundy and his band of scofflaws were no different from the civil rights marchers of Selma, Alabama. Let that sink in for a minute.

In case you’ve been living under or a rock, or wisely just tried to forget this mess, let me offer some background on the Bundy Ranch incident. As CNN Reported:

The Bundys drew national attention at the time for refusing to pay the federal government more than $1 million in grazing fees. “I not only said no. I said hell no,” Cliven Bundy told CNN at the time over his refusal to relocate his cattle.

The land in Clark County, Nevada, became federally protected in 1989 after the government declared the Mojave Desert tortoise an endangered species. That effectively put an end to livestock grazing there. Most ranchers left. The Bundys stayed and continued raising their cattle but racked up fees and fines. Their refusal to foot the bill eventually drew the ire of federal agents, who seized a portion of their cattle.

Continue reading »

Sep 302017
This entry is part 30 of 31 in the series Daily Douche-Bag

There aren’t many days I couldn’t give Trump this award, so I try to save it for the more egregious occasions (which, again, could be almost daily). He gets it  for his response to the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico. Apparently, he believes they don’t deserve help because they are in debt. (Here’s a mirror Don, how many times have you been bailed out?)

As a matter of fact, speaking of Don being bailed out, the Dumpster defaulted on payments for his bond-funded gold course in Puerto Rico, and left the Puerto Ricans holding the bag for $32.7M. I think he should make a personal contribution to the Puerto Rican relief effort of at least that amount, but then again, I’ve heard of no one seeing that $1M check he pledged to help our Houston. Continue reading »