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Spiffing up Deep Sand a Little

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Jun 292009

I’m taking this week, so today I gave myself a little time with my hobby, Deep Sand. If you’ve watched the stream, you noticed a number of posts sort of catching up on some movie reviews, and I still have a couple to do. I also incorporated some new functions into the front facing parts of the blog.

Feb 242009
Diebold in Deal With Wal-Mart?

The Raw Story is reporting that some bloggers have been checking out the telephone and address listings for the many offices Diebold is claiming to have around the country. It turns out that most of them have phones numbers that go unanswered and the listed addresses turn out to be Wal-Mart or Sam’s club addresses.

Aug 072008

I seem to be doing lots of upgrading lately. I’ve been having an issue for some time now with my Outlook crashing several times each day, and often taking multiple attempts to restart it. In some cases, it will even break the connection to the pst file, and I’ll have to restart the computer. I’ve tried everything without success, so I’m now considering an upgrade to Office 2007.

A Clean Upgrade to Deep Sand

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Aug 072008

If you visited Deep Sand earlier this week, you might have gotten a message saying we were temporarily unavailable. I was performing an upgrade to a new version of the software. Normally, that’s not a huge task, but this time I wanted to get as clean a database and code base as possible. Over the years, a lot of additional tables for plugins and files and folders and options settings have been left behind. I wanted to get that cleaned out.

May 242008

It’s hard to believe, but Deep Sand debuted on May 24, 2004. I can’t believe I’ve maintained this blog for that long. Lot’s of blogs out there have been abandoned over the years. Here’s to the last four years of blogging on Deep Sand, here’s to the unbelievable team of developers and the open source community that make WordPress and unbelievable software platform, and here’s to four more years of raising hell.

Microsoft's Vista Disaster

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Apr 082008

Well, it appears Vista has become the Windows 95/Windows ME disaster of this decade. It seems that most people who have tried it, especially on laptops, have found it to be a useless resource hog, with cool graphics, but not much else ot offer. Count me amongst that crowd.

A Big Day at Deep Sand

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Mar 282008

We have spent our evenings this week doing some major upgrades to Deep Sand. One of the most obvious is the new look and feel of the site, but that’s not all. Behind the scenes we upgraded to the current version of the software, revamped our database, and upgraded all the plugins that make Deep Sand what it is. We hope you’ll visit and browse around.


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Jul 132007

I have been working on planning for a major upgrade to the software that runs this site. They’ve made some major changes to the functionality, so most all the plugins will have to be updated. We use a lot of those here at Deep to give you the best possible experience, so that has all take some time.

Personal Technology – Series Introduction

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Apr 052007

Over the past year or so, I’ve made a concerted attempt to get all my technology integrated to the extent that is reasonable, and actually helping me manage my life…rather than getting in the way. I think I’ve had a small level of success, so I’m going to write an irregular series on the “technology” I personally use day-to-day.