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Sep 012015
Dark Ages in America: Now?

In the previous century, America, through public and private cooperation and investment built an unrivaled infrastructure. We became the country that invented the things of a new and exciting world, and we built those things. We put in place a social safety net. We weren’t perfect, but we tried, and We looked to the future with excitement and anticipation, but today, we seem to be in a rush to go backwards as far and fast as possible. We fear everything, and demand absolute security, and think it can be found in some nostalgic past.

Pictures From Washington

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Oct 182012
Pictures From Washington

I was in Washington most of last week on business. Lay flew in Friday afternoon, and we spent the weekend touring. We did most of touristy things including the Air and Space Museum out near Dulles that Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly downtown around the Mall. I’d not been to the Air and Space Museum so that was cool. This was Lay’s first trip at all.

Something Amazing

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Jul 012009
Something Amazing

The internet is great because you sometimes stumble across things that just take your breath away. I came across such a thing this morning. What is most likely one of the largest and most intricate paper sculptures (and certainly one of the most beautiful) is on display in Tokyo at an exhibition called Umi no Ue no Oshiro (A Castle On the Ocean ).

Where Did “Rock and Roll” Come From?

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Apr 292006

Famed DJ and concert producer Alan Freed is widely credited with coining the phrase in 1951. Freed led an interesting life, bringing what we now call “rock and roll” to the masses. Unfortunately, he’s equally famous for his role in the payola scandal of the 1960s.