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Tribute to a Friend I Never Met – Tom Magliozzi

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Nov 042014
Tribute to a Friend I Never Met - Tom Magliozzi

One of the hosts of perhaps the funniest show on any medium, Tom Magliozzi, of Car Talk on National Public Radio (NPR) died earlier this week from complications associate with Alzheimer’s Disease. I was fortunate to come across National Public Radio very many years ago, somewhere around the early ’80s. Tom and his brother Ray had done a car repair call in show on the Boston NPR station for about 10 years, and then I first them as they started doing a brief regular segment on NPR’s Weekend Edition each week. The show went on NPR nationally in 1987 and was on Saturday mornings.

NPR Embraces Hate Groups

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Jan 192012
NPR Embraces Hate Groups

Apparently NPR Religion Correspondent, Barbara Bradley-Haggerty, has decided that religious groups which claim to be Christian can’t possibly be hate groups. It also seems she makes decisions about who to interview for stories based on who returns her call the fastest.

Nov 242009
A Good Friend Who Doesn't Know He's a Good Friend

Carl Kasell is retiring from NPR as the Morning Edition news anchor after holding the job for 30 years since the inception of the program. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Carl Kasell, and I don’t think I’d ever seen a picture of him until his retirement was announced this week, but I knew that voice as well as that of my best friends.