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Oct 222005

I thought I would provide an update on Hurricane Wilma based on the most recent NOAA information. How much impact there is on Tampa remains a bit uncertain. Not unusually, with about two days to go before landfall, the “cone of uncertainty” is still a bit large.

Oct 092005

Autumn has officially arrived. As usual it’s a little hard to tell here in Tampa. However, we got a couple of overcast rainy days this past week. That made it a little cooler, and made me think of Fall.

Aug 152005

A few days ago had a story about complaints by Harbour Islands residents complaining that they feel trapped on their island. Well, please note..they live on an island. The island is smack in the middle of the harbor in downtown Tampa. (Hence the name.) And they are concerned that when a lot is going at the St. Pete Times Forum and the Cruise terminal, they can’t get around.

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A Busy Weekend

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Aug 072005

This was kind of a busy weekend around the house. I was on the road a few days at the end of last week, and will most likely be on the road three days this coming week, so there was a lot to get done.

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Jul 142005

As you may know, the British invested a lot to cover a huge part of London with a closed circuit television system for “identifying terrorists.” Much is being made right now about the fact that officers have uncovered a shot of one of the terrorists from this system. I expect to see the U.S. Government and major U.S. cities now clamoring to install such systems, and they’ll point to this as the grand example for why we need it.

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Electric Power

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Sep 272004

I still can’t believe we didn’t lose power during yesterday’s visit by Jeanne. It flickered a half dozen times, but always came right back.

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Sep 262004

I just wanted to get out a quick update. Its about 6pm, and it appears we have survived nearly unscathed. There is still some blustery wind, and its still raining, but I believe the worst is over. Jeanne has been a tropical storm for several hours now, and is moving to the north at about 10mph.

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Sep 262004
Hurricane Watch IV-Sunday Mid-day

The wind continues to pick up. The eye is about 60 miles away, and looks as if it is finally turning somewhat northward. But we are still going to have some increasing sustained winds.

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Sep 262004
Hurricane WatchIV-Sunday AM

We’ve watched as Jeanne has tracked much more west than north, and so we are now going to a full-on hit from the hurricane. Their was just a report that we have sustained winds here in Tampa of 51 mph. Jeanne is now down to 85 mph in the eye-wall, which is probably about three hours from being right here in Tampa. It is raining, but not yet pouring. That is anticipated however. The storm is moving fast, so hopefully it will get through here quickly.

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Sep 252004
Hurricane Watch IV-Can't Believe It

On top of a small sink hole out near the street, now here comes Jeanne. With a westward shifting track, we’ll most likely get at best tropical storm force winds, and I’m sure be out of power for some period of time. This is getting old.

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