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My Discussion of the 2nd Amendment

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Jun 282016
My Discussion of the 2nd Amendment

I’ve previously written about the debunking of the “Good Guy with a Gun” idea that ammosexuals are constantly advancing. In this article, I’d like to write about the other idea they lean on for their justification, the violent overthrow of the federal government. I hear this often accompanying the Facebook memes about gun control. There’s this idea that bubbles around with these folks that if they just have enough people with enough guns they can “take back our government.”

Jun 212016
How Much An LGBT Life is Worth to Marco Rubio

We supposedly have a representative form of government, carrying out the will of the people. Nearly 90% of Americans are in favor of increased background checks and prohibiting terrorists from buying guns. But I guess 90% isn’t representative enough for Republicans. This being the result of votes on 4 gun control measures in the U.S. Senate last night.

Jun 202016
Wayne LaPierre-Douche-Bag of The Day

Let it never be said that NRA Chief, Wayne LaPierre, let a gun massacre go by without encouraging the sell of even more guns. Yes folks, this douche-bag, just a week from the worst gun massacre is out selling the false narrative that this was a terrorist attack, and they are coming for you, so you’d better buy more guns.

Jun 142016
Thoughts on Orlando

This is something of a stream of thought on my impressions after the Orlando Shooting this weekend. It may not make much sense, and likely isn’t my last word on the subject. But to be clear, this is not some part of international Jihad or terrorism. This is homophobia at it worst, nothing more nor less, and we need to call it that.

Jun 102016
Senator David Perdue--Douche of the Day

Well, for more on God’s gentle loving people, we turn today to a religious conference held last week in Georgia. Republican Senator from Georgie, David Perdue, discussed praying in imprecatory prayer against the President. Since the Senator thinks that’s a good idea, we’re giving him our Douche of the Day award.

Required Campaign and Voting Changes to Save America

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Mar 252016
Required Campaign and Voting Changes to Save America

I was recently involved in an exchange with someone in a discussion thread about elections, candidates, and what a sad state we’ve reached in this country. We seem no longer interested in extending the right to free and fair elections, but have allowed Republican controlled legislatures and Congress to withdraw that freedom. And that doesn’t even take into account the Republican Clown Car of candidates they’ve posited for President.

Evangelical Ugliness Directed at the Pope

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Oct 012015
Evangelical Ugliness Directed at the Pope

Unless you live under a rock, you know the Pope visited the US last week. There was much hope that this Pope might further soften the exclusive tone of Catholic doctrine as espoused by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and while never moving to change doctrine, he did give several speeches indicating that he believed the Church’s emphasis needs to move away from culture war issues to caring for the poor and taking care of our planet. This, of course, set the hair on fire of many of America’s evangelical wing. When Ratzinger was Pope, they had a friend in Rome, but now the two branches of Christianity seem to be, once again, going their separate ways.

Sep 012015
Dark Ages in America: Now?

In the previous century, America, through public and private cooperation and investment built an unrivaled infrastructure. We became the country that invented the things of a new and exciting world, and we built those things. We put in place a social safety net. We weren’t perfect, but we tried, and We looked to the future with excitement and anticipation, but today, we seem to be in a rush to go backwards as far and fast as possible. We fear everything, and demand absolute security, and think it can be found in some nostalgic past.

Rep. Steve King, Talking Lawnmowers and The Baker Act

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Jul 312015
Rep. Steve King, Talking Lawnmowers and The Baker Act

It worries and embarrasses me the idiocy I see in too many of our elected officials, and making it worse is the knowledge we elect them, and keep re-electing them. Evangelicals and Conservatives, especially Republican conservatives seem to try to out-stupid each other, and the rhetoric has simply crossed a line, especially on the gay marriage issue. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa[they should be really proud]) provides a ton of grist for the stupid mill, and I think his latest, were he anyone else, would qualify him for a Baker Act petition.

Oct 282014
Louie Gohmert and Troop Massages

It is incredible that even the folks in Texas keep electing Louie to the U.S. House. The guy is truly beyond absurd nearly every time he opens his mouth, and he’s been opening his mouth again with some strange word salad about gays in the military, the Greeks, and massages. As usual, Stephen Colbert sends up the crazy as only he can.

Louie Gohmert-History Professor

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Jul 112014
Louie Gohmert-History Professor

Well, you had to know it wouldn’t take long for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas, naturally) to earn our Daily Douche award. (I can imagine Louie becoming the reigning champion.) So Louie, ever obsessed with illegal aliens, now has a solution for the child refugees fleeing the drug wars in their Central American home countries. Louie thinks we should invade Mexico just like John Pershing did in pursuing Pancho Villa (so successfully).

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