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Oct 042017
Rep. Tim Murphy - Douche-Bag of The Day

If Republicans have any real principles, it is hypocrisy. They never seem to have any problem accepting money to advance whatever culture war issue or policy and imposing it on everyone else, while doing just the opposite in their personal lives. It seems that Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), couldn’t avoid a little adultery, and some violation of the “sanctity of the unborn child.”

Oct 032017
Pat Robertson - Douche-bag of the Day

Pat Robertson is yet another of those folks who could make a daily appearance on the Douche Bag of The Day channel, instead, he plys his BS on CBN. The latest is his attempt to blame the Las Vegas shooting on disrespect for his butt-buddy, Donald Trump (there’s an image I’ll have trouble getting out of my mind) and the National Anthem.

Dec 062016
How Donald Trump Won-"I Don't Care"

Let me be clear, I do care that Trump won, and I care about determining how this awful destructive force has been unleashed on our once great nation. And I think I have cracked the code. It’s because a lot of Trump supporters just said, “I don’t care.” Certainly people were motivated to vote for Trump for many reasons, but I believe it boils down to suspending their empathy to feed their fear.

Jun 272016
Three Way Tie for Douche-bag of the Day

This one is interesting I know, but they are all three of the same situation…if it really is three. Let me explain. Last week, Hillsborough, FL, County Commissioner and conservative firebrand, Stacy White (who I will note claims to be a Methodist), supposedly got a report of an anonymous employee who found flying the Rainbow Flag in memory and honor of the victims in Orlando created a hostile work environment for her. White was quick to call the flag a, “divisive, politically-charged symbol.”

My Afternoon with The Benham Brothers

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May 242016
My Afternoon with The Benham Brothers

A relative finished up high school at Carmel Christian Academy this past weekend. I attended without knowing they had the Benham Brothers as the graduation speakers. I considered walking out, but my other sister was right to remind me it was my nephew’s day, not mine. So I decided to make the best of it, and see what they had to say.

Kindness by Christians A Bad Thing – Who Knew

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Feb 292016
Kindness by Christians A Bad Thing - Who Knew

I’ve talked before about a conservative United Methodist page I follow. I recently posted a Facebook meme merely because I found the sentiment somewhat heartwarming and thoughtful, but boy did I get taken to the woodshed. A few of them just flew into a rage that I should dare call on conservative United Methodists to express kindness…well, at least of the variety they seem to believe the Dalai Lama expresses.

Why the Christian Church May Never Crawl Out of Its Hole

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Jan 182016
Why the Christian Church May Never Crawl Out of Its Hole

In the western world, churches, in particular Christian churches, are showing a general decline in attendance and membership. There’s much hand wringing within those denominations most affected; reports are being prepared, and great plans are being made to try to stem the tide, but I am not yet convinced the people in these organizations have the self-awareness to overcome the trend. The Facebook response to a recent article I posted in a conservative United Methodist discussion group really brought this home for me, and helped me congeal my thoughts on this subject.

Firing God

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Jan 132016
Firing God

That’s right, I said it. I’m firing God. He’s not doing a good job, and he’s not serving his creation very well. Of course, a lot of you all will accuse me of blasphemy and apostasy, but before you do, hear me out. I’m not firing THE God, I’m firing the guy that far too many people claim to “worship.” A god we’ve managed to make in our own image (generally speaking, a white male), who conveniently hates all the same people you do.

Nov 112015
Christmas Cup Craziness

By now you’ve likely heard the craziness of some conservatives about Starbuck’s holiday cup design. You’ve probably heard about it because of one idiotic attention whore, who claims to be a pastor, Josh Feurerstein. He apparently managed to finally have a video go viral (trust me, he’s produced some doozies in his efforts to get attention), where he raises a stink about Starbucks, because of their holiday cup design…plain red with their green logo.

Sep 282015
Tony Perkins' Mouth is Moving, So He's Lying

It pretty much goes without saying that, if Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council (FRC) is talking, he is mostly likely telling a lie. There may be no other group that spends more time perfecting the art of lying for Jesus than the FRC. Having lost the marriage-equality fight, they need a new demon to keep the dollars flowing in (grifters gotta grift), and lying for Jesus pays so well, so Perkins is now after Muslims.