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Oct 162009
Buju Banton Coming to St. Petersburg Venue

Buju Banton is a Jamacian Reggae star who riled up the gay community with songs like “Boom Bye Bye” which calls for gay people to be shot in the head with automatic weapons, have acid poured on them, and be burned “like an old tire wheel.” He currently has an American tour being roundly opposed by the gay community, and a number of events have been cancelled. Unfortunately, the owner of a concert venue in downtown St. Petersburg, Janus Landing, feels no responsibility to help build an inclusive community.

Central Avenue Oyster Bar – A Restaurant Review

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Nov 232008

Friday evening Lay and I ate at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown St. Petersburg, The Central Avenue Oyster Bar. This is one of a number of small storefront places in the 200 block of Central Avenue in downtown. We have not been there in a while, but have eaten there several times, and find the food, service and atmosphere excellent.

Hurricane Ike Skirts Florida

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Sep 112008
Hurricane Ike Skirts Florida

Once again, we were very luck here in Tampa, and were bypassed by Ike. Unfortunately, islands in the tropics, and Cuba weren’t so lucky, and Texas is going to take a pretty good wallop. Some areas have received a bit of rain from outer bands of Ike, and there’s been some coastal flooding during high tides.

News Roundup-April 25, 2008

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Apr 252008
News Roundup-April 25, 2008

Here’s the news roundup for the week ending April 25, 2008. A woman in Pinellas County wakes up to find an 8 foot gator in the kitchen, finally a jury that understands “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and there’s the bank robber escaping on his bicycle. A dad makes an interesting find in his daughter’s treehouse, and a priests drifts away under a bunch of helium filled party balloons, along with more.

News Brief for the Week of January 11, 2008

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Jan 112008
News Brief for the Week of January 11, 2008

It’s shaping up as an interesting week for odd ball news. So far we have a 71 year old carrying a night stick at the airport to keep away “fresh” hands, our Florida Legislature hard at work protecting us from bestiality and baggy pants, and a real life Weekend At Bernies….and that’s just for starters.

News Roundup for The Week Ending October 28, 2007

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Oct 272007

This is a collection of news items for the week ending October 28, 2007. It includes stories of drunken elephants, a necrophilia plot in Citrus County, and a classic trash to treasure story.

Nov 272006

We had a pretty typical Thanksgiving. As I’ve already reported, I drove to North Carolina last Monday, and then met friends up in Boone/Blowing Rock on Tuesday. Wednesday I stuck close to home and spent the day with Mom, and had dinner with her and some of her friends. It was overcast and rainy most of the day Wednesday.