When one lives in Florida, the weather is often a topic of conversation. Either you tell friends further north how nice it is in Florida, or, you’re worried about an in-bound hurricane. Those posts all go here.

A Rainy Sundy

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Aug 182013

It has been overcast all day, and rainy for a good portion of the afternoon, and now into the evening. Normally I love these kinds of Sunday afternoons, but this weekend I’m feeling anxious about some things, so I haven’t been able to relax and enjoy it. I’m waking up early, and not able to […]

United Airlines Epic Fail

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Jun 022013
United Airlines Epic Fail

Last week I flew to Chicago to attend a professional conference. Due to delays caused by weather, it came out that, despite United being willing to give me $200 to take a flight the next morning if mine were overbooked, they wanted to charge me $75 to give up that same seat, but take an earlier flight that would have actually got me home on time.

Christmas 2010-A Good One

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Jan 032011

Well, Christmas 2010 has come and gone. Nothing left to do but pack up the decorations. I’d have to rate it as a pretty good Christmas. I think I managed to stick to a fairly tight budget, and despite a few arguments with Lay, we wound up with everyone getting something they really enjoyed. I got my shopping and gift wrapping done well ahead of time this year. The decorations were up right after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Cards went out just after that, so I never felt rushed or hectic.

Hurricane Ike Skirts Florida

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Sep 112008
Hurricane Ike Skirts Florida

Once again, we were very luck here in Tampa, and were bypassed by Ike. Unfortunately, islands in the tropics, and Cuba weren’t so lucky, and Texas is going to take a pretty good wallop. Some areas have received a bit of rain from outer bands of Ike, and there’s been some coastal flooding during high tides.

Breaking Butch on Drainage Problems

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Sep 062008
Breaking Butch on Drainage Problems

I was doing laundry this week, and found that the washer didn’t seem to be spinning the clothes after the wash cycle, and left water in the tank. So I fixed the washing machine. I also had a problem with drainage on the back deck, and I fixed that over several evenings last week, and have the photos detailing that extensive DIY project.

2008 Hurricane Season Predictions

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May 302008

According to an article on the Scientific American website, Colorado State University and the National Weather Service are in pretty close agreement on their predictions for this year’s hurricane season. The season starts this Sunday and ends on November 30. They are calling for a very active season again this year.