Daily Douche-Bag

This is series is dedicated to the person or organization most deserving of recognition for their stupidity, lack or respect, general hatefulness, or a combination of those traits. We’ll try to highlight those people and groups most deserving of the disdain of decent people.

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Deep Questions

We’ve all had the experience of suddenly wondering why something is referred to into a particular way, how things work, or where something comes from. In this series, I’ve used the inter-tubes to find what I can about a particular nagging question.

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Deep Thoughts

This is series is based on the collection of quotes which display in the sidebar of this site. I try to offer some insight into the background of the quote and its author, and some thoughts on my interpretation.

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Gay Marriage

This is a collection of posts generally related to the debate over gay marriage rights.

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Hate Groups

This series is dedicated to stories related to hate of any kind expressed by people or groups, but it will be primarily covering the unhinged whiny rantings of the anti-gay crowd.

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Say It To My Face

I have recently decided to no longer standby as falsehoods are spread about the LGBT community, and we are used for political gain. When a public figure says something stupid, I’m going to call them to discuss it with them or a staff member.

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