Finally, Cause of Homosexuality Discovered — Orange Juice

You heard me right. A while back, Steven Colbert did an interview with Robert Knight of Concerned Women for America (still haven’t quite figured that one out), and according to Knight, a Minute Made orange juice commercial featuring Popeye and Bluto shows them turning gay after drinking orange juice.

Another Cause of the Gay – Masons

Patrick Strudwick is a journalist for the British paper, The Independent. Strudwick spent some time undercover going to therapist sessions with a therapist who would attempt to convert him from gay to straight, apparently by discerning the cause of his homosexuality.

Another Cause of Homosexuality Unveiled

Based on a comment in response to a Facebook post, ” There are those who think it is a side effect of some childhood immunizations or combinations thereof.” This has to be one of the most unique I can think of. Let’s start with a number of problems with this, from the most recent working back into time.

Latest Study Reveals Actual Cause of Homosexuality – Coors Beer

Myself and another person with whom I work have recently conducted our own scientific study (scientific at least to the extent of most of the radical rights requirements), and we’ve determined that the cause of homosexuality must be Coors Beer. Well actually, that’s not completely true…it’s the Colorado Rocky Mountain Spring Water.