AFA Boycotts McDonald's

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Jul 102008

You might remember the krazy kristian kooks of Don Wildmon’s American Family Association (AFA) for their highly successful six year boycott of Disney (NOT). Well, now they have another corporate giant in their sites…McDonald’s.

It seems they are upset because, of all things, McDonald’s made a contribution to the Gay Chamber of Commerce and a McDonalds executive sits on the board of directors of the Gay Chamber. According to an AFA email, this constitutes, “promotion of the gay agenda.”

And Wildmon came completely unhinged because a McDonalds’ spokesman called a spade a spade when he said:

In response to the boycott, McDonald’s spokesman Bill Whitman suggested to the Washington Post that those who oppose SSM are motivated by hate, saying “…hatred has no place in our culture.” McDonald’s has decided to adopt the “hate” theme used by gay activist groups for years.

I certainly don’t need to eat more at Mickey D’s, but I’ll have to after a statement like that.

Hotels Now Offering Sex Kits Instead of Bibles?

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Nov 182007

This must be from the “are you shitting me” category. Krazy Kristian Kook, Don Wildmon, of the American Family Association is now warning that hotels are taking out the Gideon Bibles in favor so “intimacy kits.” In one of their many “Action Alerts,” Wildmon raises the alarm based on the following?

For instance, at New York City’s trendy Soho Grand Hotel guests can enjoy a gourmet mini-bar, an iPod, a flat-screen TV and even the company of a complimentary pet goldfish.

OK, I guess the mini-bar can be used to get a little drunk, thus lowering inhibitions. I’m sure the iPod is loaded with that evil rock music that just makes people strip nekkid and have depraved sex, and of course the vile “all sex all the time” TV programming on Comedy Central is quite the marital aid, but for the life of me, I can’t quite figure out the complimentary pet goldfish.

I never really expected to write a post that included Goldfish, sex and iPods as tags. Leave it to good old Don to come through.

Religious Right Uses VA Tech Killings to Slam Gays

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Apr 302007

From Pam’s House Blend 

Special place in hell for these homophobes. Ex-“American Family Association” attorney Joe Murray rips the religious right for their un-Christian level of hate. Joe’s article is brilliant and difficult to excerpt, so here’s a large chunk – read the entire thing:

A few weeks back, writing on the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 (LLEHCPA), a measure that would expand existing federal hate crimes law to include classes such as sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, this author noted that the type of debate emanating from those organizations laying claim to Christian morality was quite disturbing.

Specifically, concern was raised about the tone of the debate. Christian groups were sending out “action alerts” scaring supporters into believing that passage of the hate crimes bill, a piece of legislation that has clear First Amendment safeguards, would result in preachers arrested from the pulpit and Christians shipped off for an indefinite stay at the Hanoi Hilton….

Just when it was thought that the hate crimes debate had hit rock bottom, some pro-family organizations opted to capitalize on tragedy and politicize the deadly shootings at Virginia Tech to score political points.

“Under this legislation, the crimes at Virginia Tech, which some are calling one of the deadliest rampages in U.S. history, would not be punishable to the level of these so-called ‘hate-crimes’,” wrote Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council (FRC), in an email alert sent out to FRC supporters. Perkins’ analysis, however, was far from over.

Explaining why the hate crimes bill is not good for America, Perkins wrote, “If the House approves H.R. 1592 and the Senate follows, a homosexual would have more federal protection under the law than the 32 victims of last week’s massacre.”

Words cannot describe how disheartening such a comment, from a man who champions the values of Christianity, is.          Continue reading »

The Brokeback Mountain Battle in the War on Christians

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Apr 102006

The latest attempt to distract Americans from important issues has been a declaration by the wingnuts on the religious right that there is a “war on Christians.” Just two weeks ago, a conference titled, “War on Christians” was held in Washington, D.C., of course only 300 participants showed up. (Just like Washington…to hold a war without enough troops.)

Obviously, there’s a possible difference of opinion on whether or not such a war really exists. But a little focus is never a bad thing when it comes to understanding.

On April 4, the Los Angeles Times published an article about Wal-Mart selling the video for “Brokeback Mountain.” The subtitle was “Christian group accuses the retailer of ‘pushing an agenda’ by featuring the gay-themed film.”

“It wasn’t even a blockbuster movie,” insisted Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the 3-million member American Family Association, “so if Wal-Mart isn’t trying to push an agenda, why would they put it at the front door?” Sharp noted that the national retailer was “trying to help normalize homosexuality in society.”

This is just one minor skirmish, but indicative of much more. We can only pray that at a certain point in life, people of good will have to say enough already.   Continue reading »

"Christian Group" Now wants Desperate Housewives Off The Air

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Mar 012006

The radical religious right group, the American Family Association, has become the book burners of the new century. They don’t simply have a gripe with a few things in our culture, a few companies, a few TV shows. They want America to be forced to live under their warped, minority view of an extremist Biblical lifestyle that doesn’t even comport with the majority of mainstream American Christianity.

And now they’re trying to kill the hit show “Desperate Housewives.”

You’ll recall that this is the same group that “boycotted” Ford, then lost, after we exposed the organization as gay-hating, having a terrible record of anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim writings, AND the fact that the AFA actually promotes the “Nazi Germany era” science of known hate groups on their Web site.

It’s hard to believe that any American company, or politician, would want to be associated with such fringe haters.

Let me share with you, and the folks who run Desperate Housewives, the exact message the American Family Association is promoting:? Continue reading »