Tennessee Rep. Andy Holt – Daily Douche-Bag Award

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Jun 142016
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Andy HoltFor giving away not one, but two, AR-51s as a fundraiser, we award West Tennessee lawmaker Andy Holt our Douche-Bag of the Day Award for exemplary douche-baggery.

First, a little about Holt (R-of course).  According to Daily Kos, “Holt previously made (local) news when he played tough guy telling the President of the United States to “shove it” when the Commander in Chief made a speech about tightening gun controls in January 2016. He’s also a classic conservative. He brags about his extreme “pro-life” views (endorsed by Tennessee Right to Life), yet thinks it is A-OK for everyday, unstable maniacs to have unfettered access to weapons of war. But, don’t worry, y’all. He’s not trying to be offensive. “ Continue reading »