The Madness of Genuine Respect for all People

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Jan 212009

The fine christians (Dr. Gary Cass) at the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission have their knickers all twisted because Bishop Gene Robinson had the nerve to pray to God to help us get past mere tolerance and to a place of genuine respect for all people. Obviously, according to these demented idiots, we can have none of that. I mean really, what would Jesus think if we went around actually respecting one another.

According to an article on their site, Obama’s inauguration was going to be, “the most perverse in Presidential history.” And what made it so perverse? Well, there’s a whole list of horrible things going on which includes:

  • America’s most radical homosexual minister (I suppose their referring to Bishop Robinson here, but I’m not exactly sure I’d call him radical);
  • A homosexual choir (and we all know what sins singing can lead to);
  • A homosexual marching band (I assume it’s the allure of the piccolo that has Cass wrapped up about this).

Well, actually that’s the entire list of perversions they could come up with…but I’m sure there were more somewhere.

Really you can’t make this shit up. In the article, Cass makes a huge deal of being happy that, due to a scheduling mishap Robinson’s prayer wasn’t part of the HBO broadcast, and that the PA system screwed up meaning a lot of people on the mall couldn’t hear his prayer. Then, they post the YouTube and the text of his prayer on their website (in case you missed all the perversity I guess).

But what really has their knickers in a wad is that Robinson Apparently had the gall to ask God to help us learn to respect one another. Directly from their website, here’s what have to say about that:

In a galling act of reckless boldness, Robinson prayed that tolerance be replaced with genuine respect for all people. This is madness. Some people rightly do not deserve to be respected because they act in wicked and disrespectful ways.

It’s madness, madness I say to expect us to respect one another. As I’ve said so many times, God must weep.