A Rambling Blog

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Jun 142008

I don’t get a ton of traffic on this site, and have always been disappointed with the lack of comments. I get a few, but I know I have opinionated friends, and would expect a little more from them. I suspect one of the reasons is that this blog is so far ranging in the topics I write about.

I’ve read some good articles lately on blogging, and most say to narrow the focus of your blog. The people writing these articles do have very widely read blogs, so one must give them their props. I can’t say I disagree with them, but one of the things I notice is that most of them maintain multiple blogs, and each blog is for a different topic. So, like me, they write on a wide range of topics, but do so on a multitude of blogs.     Continue reading »

A Big Day at Deep Sand

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Mar 282008

We’ve been busy here at Deep Sand over the past several evenings, and you will probably notice one  of the biggest changes right away, as we have implemented this new look to the site. We really loved the older theme, “I Feel Dirty,” and it’s still there for us, but this Zeke 1.0 theme offered a great look, along with some newer features. We also worked on what goes on behind the scenes as well, and while things are pretty much back to normal as far as you’re concerned, we still have a bit of work to do.

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Blogging Essay Contest Entry

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Jan 132007

The folks at Weblog Tools Collection are hosting an essay contest about blogging, and I have submitted an entry. It’s about an experience I had as a result of creating a blog for my church.

You can rate the stories, so I’d appreciate it if you would visit the site, read the story, and leave an honest (and annonymous) rating. I’m very interested in the feedback.

Thanks, I promise to post more this weekend. I have lots of catching up to do.

Email Notification Problems Resolved

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Jun 062006

OK, I’ll admit the problem was caused by me tinkering around with the code that sends out the email notifications on new posts to the Deep Sand blog.

This stuff fascinates me, and I know just enough to get myself in trouble…as you obviously noticed. Hence the basically blank messages.

The link to “unsubscribe” to the mailing list was at the top of the message, and made it kind of seem like the link one should click on to visit the site. Well that wasn’t the case, and the email notification subscription system does not give you an alert box to confirm your unsubscribe. Clicking on that link just does it.

So, I have moved that link to the bottom of the message, so hopefully it is less obvious and won’t cause the same mistake. To get to the article referenced in the email, just click on the title of post, and you’ll go right to Deep Sand. Also, I try to add a couple of tidbits each day, but I know you don’t want to be getting two or more notification emails each day, so I don’t send them with each post. However, hopefully you will find something new and interesting each day if you visit, even without the notification.

And, I hope you’ll visit to read the post “Important Events in the World Yesterday ? Nero Fiddles“, which was what the original message was about.


Blog Upgrades

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Feb 282006

Work was busy last week, and there wasn’t anything exciting going on this weekend. That’s why I haven’t posted much lately.

Another thing I’ve been doing is testing out a new version of the blog software. It is open source software called WordPress, and it is really pretty cool. You wouldn’t believe all the plugins people have written to extend the capabilities of the software. I use quiet a few here on Deep Sand. There is the random quote plugin that generates the quotes at the top of the sidebar. The weather report near the bottom of the sidebar is the result of a plugin. Many of the ones I run you don’t see. One of my plans is to create a page that elaborates on the program that drives this blog.

A recently released version was a pretty major re-write. I built a new blog for a friend as a way to test the software and the plugins. Much of the re-write is “under the hood.” As a result a few of the plugins had to be updated as well. I worked through those, and really liked the results. So, I ran through the upgrade process on my Mother’s blog. That went very well, but I was holding my breath as I upgraded the Deep Sand blog. It is a significantly more complex site. However, the upgrade went very smoothly. There are one or two minor problems that will have to be corrected. I think I know how to resolve these fairly quickly tomorrow. There is?a file up-loader that I use for the photo gallery that isn’t working, so I’ll have to do some research on that. There is an option to it using the Flickr photo system, and there are plugins for that too.

The main differences in this version are the tighter integration of some anti-spam tools for comments. Those are implemented on this site, and already capturing a ton of track-back spam. The other main difference is in the flexibility of the interface, and there is a built in WYSIWYG editor that includes access to a spell checker system and direct access to a plugin I use for collecting the information I use in the movie reviews.

So, that has been my evening tonight, upgrading this blog.