Giant Bubbles

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Sep 152010

Now who couldn’t love having two nieces who literally jump and down and squeal whenever you pull up, and enjoy being the favorite uncle. In order to maintain that vaunted status, I have to keep coming up with ever more creative ways to stay on top. A couple of years ago, when strolling through the Dollar Store, I noticed bottles of Bubble stuff, so I bought the girls a couple bottles, and bubbles became most definitely a favorite thing. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this most amazing Youtube video of this guy making these giant bubbles. So I set out to see how he did it.


So Labor Day was a couple of weekends ago, and we had the nephews over Saturday night and everyone else over Sunday. Seemed like a great time to experiment. I typed in “giant bubbles” on Bing and got a ton of hits about how its done. It quickly became apparent that it required a special soap solution to create bubbles strong enough to hold together at that size. We experimented with with several recipes and found this one seemed to work best for us:

  1. 6 cups of water
  2. 1 cup of white corn syrup
  3. 1 1/3 cup of Dawn Ultra (Dawn does seem to work best)
  4. Some of the other recipes used glycerin which I purchased, so for good measure, I threw in a couple of ounces of glycerin.

P.J. caught on the best, but Lay practiced more after everyone left. Dalla actually managed to get a couple of big ones going. All-in-all, it was a pretty good weekend. I especially liked Monday, when we didn’t have anything to do.

Also, as part of the fun we got one of those underwater disposable cameras and got a few fun shots, but everyone took more pictures above the water than under. I have more bubble pictures in Lay’s camera which I’ll load later.


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Mar 182009

My niece loves to play the Bubble Breaker game on my phone. She can be down the hall at her grandmothers house, and as soon as she hears the little start up noise, she comes running going…”bubbles!” Being the fun uncle, I’ve bought her several bottles of the old fashioned bubble things, and she loves to run around popping them all. She even has to say, “pop…pop…pop,” as she pokes them. (I think they don’t really pop unless she makes the sound.)

I also remember how cool I thought it was when adults could make smoke rings with their pipe or cigarette smoke.

Now comes this video from Sea World where some of the dolphins, on their own, have learned to make a bubble ring with their blow holes, and then play with the ring underwater. And the others learned it from the ones that started it. You have to watch this, as it’s nearly impossible to describe how cool it is.