Nov 112015

starbucks-holiday-cupsBy now you’ve likely heard the craziness of some conservatives about Starbuck’s holiday cup design. You’ve probably heard about it because of one idiotic attention whore, who claims to be a pastor, Josh Feurerstein. He apparently managed to finally have a video go viral (trust me,  he’s produced some doozies in his efforts to get attention), where he raises a stink about Starbucks, because of their holiday cup design…plain red with their green logo.

There’s a CNN interview available on YouTube:

He thinks he’s cute because he wants to “start a movement.” That movement is to go into Starbucks, and when ordering, tell them your name is “Merry Christmas,” so they have to write it on the cup, and say when they call you. How very clever.

I do want you to listen to the interview, and then I’m going to deconstruct the craziness of this particular guy. Continue reading »

A Little Christmas Joy

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Dec 152014

I think all the presents are purchased. Most are wrapped. Tree and decorations are up, and we had a great time at Saturday night’s Christmas Concert by the Orlando Gay Chorus.

But this John Lewis Christmas Ad will really get you in the spirit. The music is ‘Real Love’ performed by Tom Odell, the original song was written by John Lennon. You can download it here.

Dec 082014

christmas_presentsWe’re all ready for Christmas here are Deep Something. You’ll notice the site is all decorated, and in the sidebar, we’d like for you to vote for your favorite holiday movies.

At my house, the lights are also strung. The tree is up, and actually most of the presents are either here or on the way. I still have Christmas Cards to do, and wrapping, but that’s about it.

A big part of our holiday has been taking in a Gay Men’s Chorus Concert. We’ve kind of gotten over Una Voce here in Tampa. They can’t seem to hold things together, so we did a concert in Orlando back in the summer, and we’re heading over there this coming Saturday night for the Orlando Gay Chorus, and then spending the night at Parliament House.

And now take our Christmas movie poll. Continue reading »

Christmas 2013

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Dec 232013

Here’s a beautiful piece, again by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles with students from the Creative Planet School of the Arts performing a David Bowie song, “Peace on Earth.” Coincidentally, this performance took place the day after the Newtown Shooting in 2013, and the performance was dedicated to those who’s lives were touched by violence.

Her is to what has been, what is now, and what we dare to believe might yet be. Peace!

Joy To The World-Cello

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Dec 252012

I’ve become a huge fan the cello, and someday I’d love to take lessons. This is performed as a multi-track recording by Sharon Gerber. It really showcases what a dynamic instrument the cello can be in the right hands. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Day and that the New Year is your best ever.


O Holy Night-Piano

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Dec 252012

I stumbled across Chris Commisso’s YouTube channel some time back. He doesn’t his own arrangements of carols and hymns, and does a great job with arrangements and the performance. This is his arrangement of the old standby, “O Holy Night.” I love this carol and especially this arrangement. It’s totally true to the original tune, but with just enough embellishment to really showcase this pianist’s talents.


Still, Still, Still

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Dec 232012

Maybe my favorite Carol. This version is performed by Aled. I first heard this song performed by the Tampa Gay Men’s Chorus when I lived down here the first time in the Tampa Theater. Things weren’t great in my life at the time, but I remember looking up at that blue lighted ceiling with the tiny lights in it as stars, and I finally felt like things would be OK. This one is worth taking a few minutes out of your day to hear.


Joy to World-Piano

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Dec 212012

This is a piano arrangement of Joy To World I found on YouTube which is pretty good. It’s one of the great classics and had been performed in nearly every combination of voice and instruments imaginable, so it’s never been hard to find one more really good one. I hope you enjoy this few minutes.


Charlie Brown Goes Home

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Dec 192012

Here’s a great video short which follows Charlie Brown as he heads out from New York City to visit home for the holidays. Things worked out about like I would have expected for the main characters. I certainly wouldn’t call it uplifting, but it is good for a chuckle.


Go Tell It On The Mountain – Amazing Organ Version

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Dec 172012

This is an amazing organ version of the old classic, “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” played on the organ in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. The pedal work is beyond outstanding. You have to see it to believe it.