Florida State Legislator-The Law Is Supposed To Discriminate

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Aug 062008

Well, it seems that African-American Florida House Representative Darryl Rouson has some pretty nasty things to say about Gay and Lesbian people.

First Rouson makes the blanket statement that:

“I still think that there ought to be ways for us to provide a loving environment for children without sending a wrong message to them early, or a message that we have to sit down and try to explain some psychological damage or emotional damage or something later on in life.”

Now, this is from a guy who is apparently on his third wife, and who was estranged for many years from the children of his first marriage because of his drug use. While I admire that he appears to have undergone rehab and cleaned himself up, does he not think he has some explaining to do to his children, “psychological damage or emotional damage or something later on in life?” You can read an article about Rouson by Bob Andelman here.

Making it even worse, he goes on to say, as an African American:

“I think that lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong and the law’s supposed to discriminate sometimes.”

Let’s see, so the law is supposed to discriminate sometimes? When would be those times Rep. Rouson? When we put up signs saying “No Coloreds?” When we ask African Americans to not use public drinking fountains? When we don’t allow “coloreds” to eat at the lunch counter…Would that be one of the times?

When asked about the comments, he first tried to deny even saying these things. When will these tools learn about video?

He made sure he got his when he made headlines by demanding a “fair share agreement” for African-American and other minority contractors on the $41 million rebuilding of Gibbs High School in St. Petersburg. And when the city announced in December that a new cruise ship would be docking in the municipal port, Rouson wasted no time calling for minority representation on the ship’s board of directors. I guess these were not the times when the law was supposed to discriminate.

As Plato said, “Justice will only exist where those not affected by injustice are filled with the same amount of indignation as those affected.”

Hat tip to Bilgrimage for calling this to my attention.