Daily Douche-Sen. Brandon Smith (R-Mars)

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Jul 102014
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Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith

Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith (R-Mars)

For the life of me, I can’t understand this complete aversion to science that has become de rigueur with Republicans, but they sure are riding it for all it’s worth. Most recently we have Kentucky State Senator Brandon Smith denying global warming by claiming that the Earth and Mars have the same temperature. It will be no surprise when you learn that the good Senator owns a coal company.

So, during a meeting of the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment our friend Republican Senator Smith wanted to be sure and join the Obama EPA bashing (because, you know, we can’t be protecting the environment and shit like that). So the Senator made the following remarks: Continue reading »

What's the most fuel efficient car?

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May 272006

We’re all paying record high prices for gas making us chumps to the super profitable oil companies. Many people are taking hybrid cars more seriously now. So just which car is the most fuel efficient?

The good news is you don’t have to be a chump. These days, plenty of cars minimize fuel usage as well as pollution. According to this site on fuel economy from the U.S. Department of Energy, of all the cars available, the Honda Insight gets the most miles per gallon. The two-seater (with manual transmission) achieves 66 mpg on the highway and 60 in the city.

Of course, two-seaters aren’t for everyone. The Toyota Prius is the most fuel-efficient mid-sized car, with mileage well above the national average. We recommend checking out the EPA’s official site. It lists the fuel economy, pollution rating, and vehicle specs of just about every car available. If you’re thirsty for even more choices, this page on renewable energy explains the benefits of various alternative fuels like ethanol and natural gas.