Party of Personal Responsiblity Wants a Cram-down

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Apr 252012
Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota State Capitol Building

It seems the Minnesota Republican Party is broke…or at least decided they no longer have to pay bills. So what is their solution? The don’t pay the rent on their office space a few blocks from the Minnesota Capital Building for eight months, get an eviction notice, and then try to negotiate a “cram-down” of their rent. You know, something like what they wouldn’t ever support giving to the rest of under-class people. CNN has the story:

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Minnesota’s debt-plagued Republican Party has been served with an eviction notice for its party headquarters after failing to pay its rent payments since August.

The party’s landlord filed the notice last week in Ramsey County court and it is scheduled to be heard next Tuesday.

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Pat Shortridge told party members in a memo Thursday that officials are trying to renegotiate the lease to get one that better fits space and cost needs.

The story goes on to report the Minnesota GOP owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to vendors. Ouch!

88 Arab Homes to be Destroyed in Jerusalem

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Feb 252009

I realize the instant anyone criticizes Israel, you’re immediately jumped on for being anti-Semitic, but enough is enough.

I fully defend Israel’s right to defend itself, but unfortunately, just as the U.S. has done lately, they have thrown away any semblance of restraint and humanity and used weapons that are not to be used in civilian areas…in civilian areas. These settlers continue to encroach on the West Bank and into Palestine creating an intractable situation there, and making any sort of peace settlement unlikely.

And now, interestingly enough, they have decided that Jerusalem needs a tourist attraction, an archaeological park. So, they have issued eviction notices for 88 homes in Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. This will displace approximately 1,500 people according to a report in The Christian Science Monitor.

I think it’s time that the U.S. Government suspended supplying arms to Israel, and stopped this unconditional support. It is not out of the realm of possibilities to now call Israel a terrorist state.