NOW Raising Money on Already Lost Marriage Causes

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May 012013
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The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and their President, Brian Brown, just have not had a good year. Back in November they lost most of their anti-equality marriage amendments. Recently, several States have adopted equal marriage laws, and there are two cases before the Supreme Court related to gay marriage.

The Supreme Court cases have already been to brief and argument. Those two cases are in the hands of the Court, and there are no more opportunities to influence their decision. Colorado just passed civil unions, Maine, Maryland and Rhode Island have adopted gay marriage, and Delaware looks poised to be the next.

So, if you are the head of an organization finding itself on the losing side of the issue, what do you do? Well, you ask for more money from your supporters to fight these already lost causes, at least that’s what Brian Brown of NOM is doing. Below are a few excerpts from a recent fundraising email. Continue reading »