Is The Left To Blame for Today’s Shootings?

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Jun 142017

I think the shooter, combined with the ready availability of guns, is to blame for today’s shooting. Of course, in their usual fashion, Republicans rush to blame anyone but themselves. Gabbie Giffords, herself a victim of an assassination attempt made a post today expressing her sorrow and support.

The ammo-sexuals didn’t receive that too well. Here are a few examples:

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Jun 202016
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DOUCHES_1Let it never be said that NRA Chief, Wayne LaPierre, let a gun massacre go by without encouraging the sell of even more guns. Yes folks, this douche-bag, just a week from the worst gun massacre is out selling the false narrative (debunked here) that this was a terrorist attack, and they are coming for you, so you’d better buy more guns.

In the wake of the massacre at Pulse night club in Orlando, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre argued on CBS’s Face The Nation Sunday that American families should arm themselves because terrorists were “on the verge of overwhelming us.” Continue reading »

Jun 132016

4-LiesThere’s much I can say about the massacre in Orlando, and will write more about that after some reflection, but this one topic was too clear and obvious to need any reflection. It is time to end the NRA claim about how a “good-guy-with-a-gun” will rush in and save the day, if only there’s one around.

I don’t believe a single event should set a precedent or make a point, so I’ll start with another example. A Facebook “friend” posted an article about one of these always-armed ammosexuals, who was claimed in the article to be a hero. Apparently around May 30, 2016, in a Houston Mall, a 25-year-old Army veteran allegedly suffering from PTSD opened fire. Concealed carry permit holder Byron Wilson drew his handgun and engaged the shooter. The article she posted claimed Wilson was a hero because he ran towards the shooting and not away.

Wilson was shot three times, along with seven other people. It took the local SWAT team to take down the shooter. It doesn’t appear Wilson ever even hit the guy. Continue reading »