Jun 272010

Yes, that’s right folks. I knew it would be just a matter of time, but the tea bagger crazies are now claiming the oil spill in the Gulf was caused by God.

So why would you say God would blow up an oil drilling platform off the Louisiana coast? Well, Katrina was because of those devil worshiping, gays down in New Orleans, so you might think this was because the people down there keep electing prostitution supporter, diaper wearing David Vitter, but you would be wrong.

Turns out, it’s all Obama’s fault. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to you, because it certainly couldn’t have anything to do with the Cheney/Bush cabal eliminating all regulatory control. So what did Obama do you might ask. Well I’ll tell you. Follow me here, it’s a little complicated, and has a lot to do with the Jewish Lunar Calendar. Seems Israel celebrated it’s Independence Day on April 19. Then Fox News reported on the evening of the 19th that the Obama Administration had announced the U.S. would no longer automatically stand with Israel in every United Nations Security Council decision. (You know, maybe because Israel keeps bulldozing people’s homes for no good reason, and killing people on humanitarian missions. God certainly can’t put up with that.)

Then, as we all know, it was April 20th that the well blew up.


88 Arab Homes to be Destroyed in Jerusalem

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Feb 252009

I realize the instant anyone criticizes Israel, you’re immediately jumped on for being anti-Semitic, but enough is enough.

I fully defend Israel’s right to defend itself, but unfortunately, just as the U.S. has done lately, they have thrown away any semblance of restraint and humanity and used weapons that are not to be used in civilian areas…in civilian areas. These settlers continue to encroach on the West Bank and into Palestine creating an intractable situation there, and making any sort of peace settlement unlikely.

And now, interestingly enough, they have decided that Jerusalem needs a tourist attraction, an archaeological park. So, they have issued eviction notices for 88 homes in Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. This will displace approximately 1,500 people according to a report in The Christian Science Monitor.

I think it’s time that the U.S. Government suspended supplying arms to Israel, and stopped this unconditional support. It is not out of the realm of possibilities to now call Israel a terrorist state.