The Poor Persecuted Laura Fotusky

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Oct 112011

Laura Fotusky is another of the town clerks being trotted out by NOM with the claim that she was somehow being persecuted because, God forbid, she might have been expected to carry out her ministerial duties as prescribed by New York State law, and actually treat everyone equally under those laws. Well, we can’t go around having government employees doing that now, can we? Back in July, Laura resigned her position as the Town Clerk of Barker, NY rather than sign marriage licenses for everyone qualified to be married under civil law.

Laura starts claiming her daughter thought her life was in danger because she had to make a choice between her work and God because signing a marriage license for someone other than the type of couples she agrees with goes against God. Let’s get that out of the way right up front…first off, Laura we’re not in a theocracy, but are a nation of civil laws that are supposed to apply equally to everyone.

But most important Laura, once again…that cotton/poly blend blouse gives you away. You’re not that strict in your religious views, you just like to decide which of the Levitical laws you want to follow.

Laura claims, “my religious freedoms were violated by the Marriage Equality Act.” Sorry Laura, that’s just not true, and you know it. Just like Rose in a previous story Laura is an agent of the state (she is, in effect) the State for this purpose. She is not being asked to affirm any marriages nor offer a religious blessing nor perform a religious rite in respect to anyone’s marriage. Just like with Rose, she is expected to perform a ministerial duty, and issue a marriage license to any couple who are legally qualified to be married in the State of New York.

I contend there is no religious argument which can be made here. I suspect Laura has issued marriage licenses to mixed race couples and couples who have been perviously married and divorced. All these classes are prohibited from being married under biblical laws…so that just removes the whole religious argument. With religion, you’re either in all the way, or you’re not. But for the sake or argument, I’ll allow Laura some leeway here on that reason. The problem then arises that there are churches and religious groups which do not object to same-sex couples being married, and celebrate those just as they do heterosexual marriage. So Laura is violating their religious freedoms when she refused to perform a civil duty that is part of her job. Sorry Laura, but no one asked you to worship a specific God, nor bless a same-sex union, nor even send a wedding gift.

Laura falls back on the old standby of talking about how the Lord knows what’s in her heart, that she has love and compassion for people, and that she really cares about people. Well Laura, great. I hope you do, and I’m sure the people who know and love you believe that about you, but that’s not what is in question here. The question here is, will you carry your civil duties (not impose your religious beliefs) on the people in Barker. But NO, you state that you wanted to stay in your “government” job, and practice your religious convictions. In this country, at least for now Laura, thank God we separate those two things.

Laura, you get to keep your religious beliefs, and you get worship you want to where you want to, but as Oliver Wendall Holmes wrote, “your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.” When acting as an agent of the state, you don’t get to deny to me rights and privileges to which I am otherwise entitled under the laws of that state.

But Laura, you resigned. So you don’t get to play the martyr card and claim persecution. You quit. Lots of people quit their jobs for lots of reason, and I don’t hear them getting on the Youtube channel for a hate group and crying foul.