To iSleep, Perchance to iDream

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Jan 112008

Those of you who know Lay well know that he does love his sleep. I think I might have found him the perfect gift…but for $20,000 – $50,000 for an iPod compatible bed, I’ll be asking for donations.

Lot’s of fun stuff is always announced and show cased at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and this past week’s show was no exception. Leggett and Platt Bedding Division introduced the Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed.

This thing is a horizontal temple of technology packed with high-tech toys, including WiFi connectivity, a surround sound speaker system, an LCD projector, dual temperature controls and DVR capability. It also features a built-in iPod dock.

On top of all that, the bed has vibration detection. This means that if a sleeper is detected to be vibrating the bed (most likely through snoring) half the bed will automatically be raised 7-degrees, returning to its original position once the snoring stops. I wonder if it pops pop-corn and makes sandwiches…you may never have to get up.