God Makes It Up to John McCain

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Sep 022008

Apparently some of the krazy kristian kooks had been praying for, and asking others to pray for, rain in Denver during Obama’s acceptance speech. Obviously it didn’t happen, and the Democrats had a perfect evening, so clearly our Republican God was asleep at the switch. But, just when the fundies were about to lose faith, God made it up to them and sent a hurricane to save the day.

Apparently, must to the relief of the McCain campaign, Gustav’s arrival on the Gulf Coast gave Bush and Cheney an excuse to not attend the Republican National Convention. What a world it’s become when it’s seen as a blessing when the sitting President won’t be attending his Party’s national convention.

The Dems brought Bill Clinton back for another if his outstanding speeches.

Of course the storm in Louisiana didn’t deter the Republicans from soaking up the hospitality of the Washington Lobbyists. Watch the report below.

White House May Have Torpedoed Abramoff Corruption Probe

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Sep 272005

In November 2002, the U.S. attorney in Guam, Frederick A. Black, notified Justice Department officials that he was opening an investigation into Jack Abramoff’s lobbying activities with Guam judges. Days later, Black was demoted and barred from pursuing public corruption cases, ending his investigation. The Justice Department’s Inspector General and the FBI are looking into Black’s demotion to determine whether Abramoff’s close ties to the Bush administration may have influenced Justice Department officials, including Attorney General John Ashcroft, in any way. “What this starts to suggest is that Abramoff’s ability to corrupt the system was far more pervasive, certainly than we knew at the time,” said Rep. George Miller (D-CA).