Marva Johnson-Spectrum Douche Bag of the Day

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Dec 082017
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Marva Johnson. Here’s a name you may not know, but you’d better learn who she is, and what here (and apparently her employer’s) agenda is for public education. A lawyer by training from Winter Garden, she is the vice president of state government affairs for Charter Communications’ (Spectrum) Southeast region. She also is chair of the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. In addition, In March, the governor appointed her to the 37-member statewide Constitutional Revision Commission, which is considering changes to be made by amendment.

Marva Johnson, VP of Government Affairs, SE, Charter Communications / Spectrum

So, here we have a non-educator (a telecommunications company lobbyist) making education policy. I can’t even find that she even has children, but that aside, other than being a Repbulican sucking up to Ric Scott, I can’t find anything that qualifies her for a job in education. But here is the big tell, as a member of Constitutional Revision Commission, she introduced an amendment to exempt education from the state’s constitutional ban on using public funds for religious organizations. “She further recommended that state money go to private schools, including religious ones, to support students whose individual learning needs are not ‘completely met and accommodated’ at their zoned public schools.”1

Her employer, Spectrum, continues to support her involvement on these boards and commissions, so they surely are responsible for supporting this new attempt to raid the public coffers of money for public education, and transfer it to their friends in private and religious for-profit schools (and if you don’t think religious schools don’t make money to help sustain their sponsoring churches, think again). This is the big plan, to choke the public schools of resources, claim they don’t work, and transfer our tax dollars to their wealthy friends and supporters.  Scott got $71,000.00 from Brighthouse Networks (Johnson’s employer).

My suggestion…if you care about public education, maybe you shouldn’t be a customer of Spectrum.