Oct 282014

It is incredible that even the folks in Texas keep electing Louie to the U.S. House. The guy is truly beyond absurd nearly every time he opens his mouth, and he’s been opening his mouth again with some strange word salad about gays in the military, the Greeks, and massages. As usual, Stephen Colbert sends up the crazy as only he can.


Sep 032013

aircraft-carrier-0I haven’t yet formed an opinion on what our response should be to the gas attacks in Syria. On the one hand, it is a crime against humanity, and civil society should respond to that. On the other hand, I think we have to always practice restraint when imposing our views in other countries.

However, I have formed an opinion on the absolute batshittery of the SPLC designated hate group, American Family Association’s Sandy Rios. Just give it a listen. According to her, as the Navy begins to put forces in place to support a possible response,they’re not capable because women sailors on naval ships are “getting pregnant in exponential numbers,” and of course because there might be a few gay sailors on-board, how can we possibly conduct a military operation.

You know, if you’re going to choose to hate gay people, then knock yourself out, but when are the haters going to get together and kick out these absolutely crazy people. Do they not realize how ridiculous they make each other appear?

AFA Lies Again-Takes Credit for Something That Never Happened

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Apr 292013

At the end of last week, the SPLC designated hate group, American Family Association’s (AFA) Brian Fischer became incensed when he was supposedly contacted by someone using the U.S. Army network to access the Southern Baptist Convention Website (sbc.com). Fischer claimed, as he so often does, that Obama’s military was blocking Christian websites (despite the fact this was only one website). It turns out the SBC site contained malicious code that would have compromised any computer or network, which accessed the site.

The Department of Defense (DoD) takes their network security pretty serious, as they should. In fact, many people don’t think they take it serious enough. They use filtering software which exams the code that actually creates the web page in a browser, and determines if the code itself looks as if contains malicious code, malware, trojan software, insecure redirects, etc.

Users on the DoD network attempting to connect to the SBC website received the following message: “The site you have requested has been blocked by Team CONUS (C-TNOSC/RCERT-CONUS) due to hostile content.” It is not unusual for network administrators to use strong language when creating these messages, so that users are reminded of the threats. However, rather than doing some investigation, Fischer, Town Hall, and others jumped on this as, what they consider, yet another attempt by Obama (because, of course, he controls the DoD’s computer networks from the bunker at the White House), to censor Christians and restrict religious freedom.

I went to the SBC website, and get a malicious code warning. I then viewed the code of the site, and found that nearly every news article on the front page had a URL redirect to other sites. URL redirects are often used by hackers to get you to a site they control by clicking on what appears to be a legitimate link, but get taken to a site with malicious content. The large number of redirects alone would be enough to trigger some filtering software.

It didn’t take much investigation to understand what was going on, but Brian had no time for that. He had to attack…because, you know, his God’s apparently not big enough to take care of himself, and everything the government does today is part of an overall strategy to end Christianity in favor of Islam…or something like that. Continue reading »

2,500 Killed in Iraq…It's just a number at 1600

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Jun 152006

In today’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Tony Snow got asked about the 2,500 mark for American’s KIA in Irag. Maybe his response will surprise you…sadly, it does not surprise me.

QUESTION: Tony, American deaths in Iraq have reached 2,500. Is there any response or reaction from the President on that?

SNOW: It’s a number. And every time there’s one of these 500 benchmarks, people want something.

So there you have it, Herr Decider’s opinion of the American soldiers serving in Iraq.

Army Captain Alleges Systematic Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners

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Sep 272005

Time magazine yesterday revealed new allegations of "systematic abuse" of Iraqi detainees made by a "decorated former Captain in the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division." For months, Capt. Ian Fishback said, U.S. soldiers were directed "to conduct daily beatings of prisoners prior to questioning." In one instance, "a soldier allegedly broke a detainee’s leg with a metal bat." Other prisoners had "their faces and eyes exposed to burning chemicals." Fishback says he told Army superiors of the abuse several times, but was met with "repeated brush-offs." Finally, he reported his charges to Human Rights Watch (read HRW’s full report). Now that the abuse is public, the Army says it has launched a criminal investigation.