Dec 082014

christmas_presentsWe’re all ready for Christmas here are Deep Something. You’ll notice the site is all decorated, and in the sidebar, we’d like for you to vote for your favorite holiday movies.

At my house, the lights are also strung. The tree is up, and actually most of the presents are either here or on the way. I still have Christmas Cards to do, and wrapping, but that’s about it.

A big part of our holiday has been taking in a Gay Men’s Chorus Concert. We’ve kind of gotten over Una Voce here in Tampa. They can’t seem to hold things together, so we did a concert in Orlando back in the summer, and we’re heading over there this coming Saturday night for the Orlando Gay Chorus, and then spending the night at Parliament House.

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Feb 052009

Photo of David HuynhA recent movie we watched on DVD was the 2008 movie “Baby.” It was a well made movie that provided a tense and gritty look at gang life in East L.A. I was especially impressed with the actor who played the Character, Baby, David Huynh. After reading up on him, I was especially impressed at how authentic he made the character, but he seems to share none of Baby’s background.

Huynh won a Special Jury Prize at the 2007 Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival for Emerging Actor. I can concur with that. As noted, he played the part with sophistication and intensity, and it came across as very authentic. His acting was very subtle, but he conveyed a depth of emotional strain.

Huynh is a from Canada and has performed on both Canadian and American theater, television and film productions. David was seen on Canadian television on YTV’s “2030 C.E.” and appeared in Kiefer Sutherland’s directorial debut “Woman Wanted”. His stage performances include “Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang” and Berthold Brecht’s “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”. David studied at The Prairie Theatre Exchange, and was a student at The University of Manitoba, working on a major in Theatre and a minor in Film studies. Hardly the background to so convincingly portray an L.A. gangster.

He’s also been on U.S. television as Sun Kim on the ABC program, “Invasion”. But certainly his role as the title character in Baby has been his breakthrough performance. Unfortunately, I don’t think it was seen by enough people.

May 242008

It’s hard to believe, but Deep Sand debuted on May 24, 2004. I can’t believe I’ve maintained this blog for that long. Lot’s of blogs out there have been abandoned over the past four years.

We’ve gone through a couple of site redesigns, and we’ve tried to keep up-t0-date with the software versions and enhancements. I’ve learned a lot about PHP and the open source world through all this and we’ve written about a lot things over those four years.   Continue reading »

What is The Longest Film Ever Made?

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Apr 192006

According to, the aptly titled “Cure for Insomnia” is the longest film ever. It runs about 87 hours and features L.D. Groban reading a really looooong poem. Just in case you find that kind of boring, according to IMDb, the film slices in pornography and music video footage. Probably not the best “date movie.”

“Cure for Insomnia” is best described as an experimental film (i.e., pretentious and without a point). Of all the films with actual storylines, the 1928 Chinese movie “The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple” is the longest, clocking in at 27 hours. As for the longest documentary, “Grandmother Martha” wins with a 24-hour running time.

Should you come across any of these epics at the video store, we recommend you watch them in stages. Many, many stages.

A Fare Fair Weekend

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Feb 202006

While I posted movie reviews (Date Movie, The Pink Panther), there has not been much else posted lately. I had a pretty bad couple of days related to work and my profession at the end of last week. I have also been busy with work, and the social calendar has been pretty full.

My best friend Jeff had some best friends down visiting from his hometown. We met them a year ago when they were down visiting. Jim and Glenda are a fun couple, and we ate dinner at Jeff’s a couple of times. Man, can Glenda cook.

Friday night, while Lay was working, I went to see Date Movie with Mike and Jeff.

It was also the last weekend for the State Fair here in Tampa. Saturday we took Lay’s nephews. The weather got to 80 or so Saturday, but we managed to go early enough to miss the worst of the crowd, and the weather was still pleasant. However, by the time we left it was packed, and I forgot a hat, so now my face is blistered. Everyone was tired, but, as you might expect, the boys said they weren’t.

Later that night, Lay and I went to see The Pink Panther. I was expecting it to be pretty good, as I think Steve Martin was the right guy to play Peter Sellers’ role. Lay wasn’t sure he’d like it, but he did.

Sunday we went to a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon, and then stopped Jeff’s for a final cookou with Jim and Glenda.

So it was a busy weekend, and because of the concerns that surfaced last week, I didn’t sleep much. I’m pretty worn out now, and hope I can sleep good tonight.

Sulu is Gay

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Oct 292005

It seem George Takei, Sulu, the Helmsman on Star Trek, has decided its now safe to come out. I know that, despite Hollywood being full of gay people, it was, for so long, a terrible place to be out if you were actually in show business. At least that’s what I always read. Of course, the out cry from the audience those thirty or so years ago would have been pretty loud I guess. So, I sort of understand.

On the other hand, it would have been nice if he’d come out a little sooner. I guess he figures the Star Trek franchise if pretty much finally over, so he won’t be invited to make any more cameo’s.

Lord of War

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Oct 292005

Lord of War (2005)

An arms dealer (Cage) confronts the morality of his work as he is being chased by an Interpol agent (Hawke).

Directed by
Andrew Niccol

Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Nicolas Cage, Bridget Moynahan, Jared Leto, Shake Tukhmanyan, Jean-Pierre Nshanian, Jared Burke, Eric Uys, David Shumbris, Stewart Morgan, Jasper Lenz, Kobus Marx, Stephan De Abreu, Jeremy Crutchley, Ian Holm, Tanya Finch

Lay and I went to see Lord Of War several weeks ago. I don’t why I forgot to review it here. We thought it was an interesting movie. Not great, but worth watching. Many people might walk away from this one not feeling “entertained” because it’s not your typical Hollywood thriller. It’s not a “Feel Good” movie you should take a date on in the hopes of coming away high on life and hand in hand. It’s a movie that’ll make you think and might disturb the uninformed viewer who knows little about the politics of war.

This is a movie based on actual events (that means it’s a movie that has some truth to it). From what I heard the director made quite a bit of research of the gun running world when creating this movie.

This movie takes a look at the gun running business through the story of one particular trafficker played by Cage. It goes through two decades of wars & conflicts and how the business and politics of gun running works. Cage is the middle man in that world, who navigates through it very professionally and coolly. Cage’s character is made to be likable, but not a hero by any means.

Many people may think that this movie depicts certain cultures and races in a bad light, but if you know anything about history and keep up to date with world events you’ll understand the truth behind these portrayals.

The movie is interesting because it is as close as to a realistic look to arms trafficking as Hollywood could produce without making a documentary. It’s refreshing because of this.

I hope people see this movie because it very much shows the truth behind how wars are supplied and how the richest nations in the world have done this for the ultimate prize? that thing that makes the world go round ? Money.

The movie as a whole is produced very well and the acting and cinematography is up to par with the type of film it is (as mentioned before, don’t expect a big production Hollywood action flick).

Don’t expect your typical Hollywood ending here either.