News for the Week of Nov. 2, 2007

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Nov 022007

Fatalities in N.C. Beach FireThe New York Times
Fire engulfed a beach house at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina early Sunday morning. Ocean Isle is about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, S.C. It is unclear how many people were in the house, but the reports it was college students possibly from the University of South Carolina. Approximately six were taken to the hospital, but there were deaths from the fire.

UPDATE: It now appears about six people were injured and seven died in the fire. They were mostly USC and Clemson students.

Happy Birthday to the NYC Subway SystemSlate
This past weekend marked the 103rd anniversary of the opening of the New York City Subway system. It’s now the largest subway system in the world.

Couple Arrested for DUI – Dayton Daily News
A Michigan was stopped and given a prelimary breath test which Police said read above the 0.08 limit. He had his 12 year old son in the car, so police told him to call his mother to come pick him. She arrived with the couple’s 9 year old daughter in the car, and was found to be drunk herself.

Dog Shoots HunterDayton Daily News
James Harris of Tama, Iowa was shot by his dog on opening day of Pheasant season. Harris was hunting with a group, and a bird was shot. He laid his gun on the ground to climb a fence to get the bird, and his dog stepped on the gun, causing it to discharge and put 100-140 pellets into Harris’ calf. I wonder if there’s any chance of getting this dog on any of Dick Cheney’s hunting trips?

The Sky Falls In OhioPlanetout News
Either the sky is falling or hell has frozen, but an out gay person has been appointed as a judge in Ohio. A former Dayton city commissioner is Ohio’s first openly gay judge after being appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland, the Washington Blade reported. Mary Wiseman is replacing Common Pleas Court Judge John Kessler, who retires Wednesday.

News for the Week Ending August 12, 2007

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Aug 132007

Teenager Walks Away from Six Story FallDayton Daily News

 MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — A teenager fell six stories from a hotel balcony but walked away with just bruises and scrapes.

Matthew Savage, 17, was reaching up to a balcony one floor above to grab a bathing suit that had fluttered down from the 11th floor when he tumbled over the railing Friday. Savage hit other balconies on his way down and slammed onto a slanted rooftop, then slid into bushes. After landing in the bushes, he got up and started walking back to his room. But paramedics strapped him to a board and flew him to a hospital, where tests showed he was fine.

I know enough about being a teenager at Myrtle Beach to know he’d probably had a few. And that’s probably what saved him.

Huge Spam Spike This WeekPC World

A massive spam blast that started Tuesday is still in progress and shows no sign of abating, a security company said. “The scale of this stock pump-and-dump spam campaign is like nothing we’ve seen before,” said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos PLC.

I’ve noticed it as I monitor the companies spam service, Frontbridge, and the one I use personally, Spam Arrest. It’s just amazing that these things keep coming, but I guess it means there are enough gullible people to make it worth while.

Pinellas Paramedics Cleared in DeathSt. Pete Times

It seems that a guy had a heart attack on the hospital grounds about 200 feet from the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital Emergency Room. However, since he was a non-veteran, Bay Pines refused to treat him. So, Paramedics had to call a supervisor for guidance, and subsequently took him to St. Petersburg General where the guy died.

You would think that maybe the VA would be a little more sensitive to their current public relations situation, but I guess not.