Trouble in Alamance County North Carolina

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Oct 162014
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Judge James Roberson

Alamance County Chief Judge James Roberson

Unfortunately there are some magistrates in North Carolina who don’t understand about doing their jobs. a magistrate judge in Pasquotank County on Monday refused to marry two men, citing religious objections. Some magistrates in Alamance County also said they wouldn’t marry gay couples.

I am flummoxed by Chief District Court Judge Jim Roberson of Alamance County who said that some of the 11 magistrates under his supervision didn’t want to officiate same-sex marriage ceremonies. “As a team, we’re going to abide by the law,” Roberson told the Times-News of Burlington. “Some of our magistrates have concerns based on their faiths and religious beliefs. I completely respect that. Other magistrates do not.” Roberson said a magistrate comfortable with performing the ceremony would step in if another declined.

“I highly respect people’s legitimate, deep-seated, consciously held religious beliefs. I also highly respect people’s individual rights. Trying to balance those two is where my goal is right now,” Roberson said Wednesday, “finding that balance where we can assure the public the law will be followed and marriage ceremonies will be performed as requested.”

Well, let’s just be straight up about this. BULLSHIT. Here’s part of what I wrote in a fax to Judge Roberson: Continue reading »

More Burning Stupidity

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Apr 042013

Louie GohmertWe’ll start with the lesser of the today’s stoopids. So long as there is U.S. Representative Louis Gohmert, there will blazing stupid things to report. Louie’s latest convolution of logic explains his oppostion to reasonable gun control. According to Louie, you can’t restrict the size of gun magazines because gay marriage leads to bestiality. Or something like that.

First, let me just say that I’m from Florida. We have a constitutional amendment here, and laws on the books prohibiting gay marriage, so we don’t have gay marriage in Florida. Yet in 2011, our glorious legislature took three tries to finally pass a law making bestiality illegal…and the reason for that was because of a rash of reported cases which couldn’t be prosecuted. So Louie, gay marriage has nothing to do with bestiality or gun control.

Here’s what, always good for some stupid, Louie Gohmert had to say:

In fact, I had this discussion with some wonderful, caring Democrats earlier this week on the issue of, well, they said “surely you could agree to limit the number of rounds in a magazine, couldn’t you? How would that be problematic?”

And I pointed out, well, once you make it ten, then why would you draw the line at ten? What’s wrong with nine? Or eleven? And the problem is once you draw that limit ; it’s kind of like marriage when you say it’s not a man and a woman any more, then why not have three men and one woman, or four women and one man, or why not somebody has a love for an animal?

There is no clear place to draw the line once you eliminate the traditional marriage and it’s the same once you start putting limits on what guns can be used, then it’s just really easy to have laws that make them all illegal.

But maybe the greatest of show of stupid to come ’round the bend in recent YEARS comes unfortunately from my home state of North Carolina, and the Republican led state legislature.  I suspect they made Thomas Jefferson cry today when two legislators from Rowan County Harry Warren and Carl Ford, and 11 other idiots, sponsored legislation to make Christianity the official state religion. No word on which version of Christianity the intended to force on everyone, but the two Rowan legislators were Baptist, so I’m guessing everyone would have to switch to Southern Baptist. Continue reading »

Hometown Pounded by Tornados

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Jun 182009

What now appears to have maybe two tornados pounded my hometown of Kings Mountain Tuesday evening. West Kings Mountain out through Bethlehem and Oak Grove communities seem to have been hit the hardest.

Some Kings Mountain friends I follow on facebook experienced damage from having windows blown out to golf ball sized hail. My mom has called and there are people I know (including my sister’s in-laws) have trees over on their roofs. Mom rode around a little today out through Bethlehem community and talked yards full of down trees and homes of people I know with their windows all blown out.

Mom was unable to get one friends house because the road was blocked, and I even saw one report where Interstate 85 was closed at some point because of tree across the interstate.

Here’s a video from one of the local TV stations, but it doesn’t really capture the scale of the damage as I’m starting to understand it.


Fortunately, Mom only had a few limbs down in her yard, as the tornado, reportedly an EF 1 storm (winds of 86 – 100mph) seemed to stay further to the west and south. However, it reportedly cut a 16 mile long path.

It’s a bad time there, as a lot of people in that area are out of work.

Aug 032008

For a number of years now, I’ve subscribed to This allows me to download one book and have one subscription program per month. These are a great way to pass time while on the road, especially on long trips.

The most recent book I’m “listening to” is David Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed in Flames. It’s a collection of essays on the banalities of life. I was listening to one of his essays this past week during a drive to St. Pete, and it stirred up some wonderful memories about a place I lived during a difficult time.

In his essay, Sedaris talks about an experience he had living in a rooming house in Chapel Hill, NC when he was between attending school. He talked about the “character” of the place resulting from its age, and especially about the eccentric owner/landlady with whom he shared a fun relationship.

I seem to have a knack for finding apartments that have at least something “cool” going for them. Not too long after moving to Greensboro, I wound up sharing a really cute house with two other very interesting guys in a great neighborhood next to a park. The first time I lived in Tampa, I lived in a great old one-bedroom four-plex three houses up from Bayshore Blvd. right at the bay, and three blocks from a great little shopping/entertainment area. Even when I moved to Dayton I had a decent apartment with an exposed brick wall in an older complex where nearly every gay person in town had lived at one time or another. I even had some fun neighbors on one side.

GrayCourta But the apartment I think I will always remember with the fondest memories was Gray Court Apartments in Winston-Salem, NC. It was comprised of three very old three-story red brick buildings with 53 studio, one and two bedroom apartments situated right on the edge of downtown at the intersection of two main streets (5th and Broad). Although old enough to still have steam heat with radiators and no central air conditioning, the place had a waiting list. Despite its age, the buildings were well kept. The apartments were fairly large with the small closets of the 1940’s when the buildings were built, great hardwood floors, and 10′ ceilings.

There’s the old real estate saw about “location, location, location,” and Gray Court has it. Right behind the apartments was one of Winston-Salem’s neighborhoods of older restored homes. This was a very eclectic part of town, and I thoroughly enjoyed evening walks down through the neighborhood. looking out the front, one was looking into the southern edge of downtown, and it was about one-third of a block to the large Methodist Church I attended (modeled on Duke Chapel).

One block southwest brought you to a five-way intersection with a little restaurant district. There was a great inexpensive diner, a nice bar with an outside patio, and an upscale restaurant. And just a few steps down the fifth street was the main gay bar in Winston-Salem.

The owner of the apartments lived in one of the apartments, and it was maintained by Harold, the maintenance man. Harold was a great guy, and I quickly figured out that your place on the waiting list had more to do with what Harold thought of you than when you applied. Armed with a recommendation from a friend already living there, I met with Harold and turned on all the southern charm I could muster, which is no small amount.

Even with Harold reminding me of the waiting list, I got a call just two days later. They just happened to have both a one and a two bedroom apartment available. Now this was around 1992, so things were certainly less expensive, but I was able to splurge and get a very large two-bedroom apartment for $225 a month on the second floor front of the center building on the left. Even in 1992, that was unheard of.

Continue reading »