Oct 222010

I haven’t been posting much lately. Partly it’s work, but it includes a general mallaise on my part. I monitor blogs that call out the supposed “Christian Leaders” whose vitriol against gay people just grows in leaps and bounds. It this sort of environment that leads gay teens to become so despondent they give up all hope, and we’ve seen the results of that all too many times recently. Yet these so-called Christians only use these situations to ramp up their hate speech, and absolve themselves of all culpability. I am sorry, but they have blood on their hands.

An activist, Dan Savage, started a Youtube Channel, It Gets Better, where people can post videos telling young gay people that they are not alone, and that there is light on the other side. Some have been quite moving, and here’s one that brought me to tears.

On October 18, 2010, members of Dallas’ Turtle Creek Chorale joined singers from over 30 area religious institutions and students from Southern Methodist University in a performance titled, A Night For Peace. WIth just three rehearsals to prepare, the 300+ “Partners In Harmony” massed chorus offered a full-length concert, which concluded with Bach’s DONA NOBIS PACEM (Grant Us Peace) from his Mass in B Minor. All stories are real. Featured speakers are current members of the Turtle Creek Chorale.

As a society, we no longer tolerate racist language and behavior from community and religious leaders, but for some reason, we continue to sit passively when the hate speech is directed at Gay people. It is time to start calling out these false religious people. Enough is enough.

NOM Fund Raising with Lies

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Sep 032010

I know it will shock you to learn that the National Organization for Marriage is running a radio ad to, among other things, raise money, with a complete stream of lies. So, are you off the floor yet (I know you fell over when you heard). So, many thanks to Matt from stop8.org who took the time to analyze their ad, statement by statement to point out the lies. I guess that old “baring false witness” thing isn’t important if your fighting teh gayz. I mean some sins are worse than others, so if you have to commit one fight one, it’s must be OK, because they’re all Christian.


Sometimes the Truth Hurts – Unless You're Too Stooopid to See The Truth

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Aug 312010

Perhaps one of the biggest loons in the anti-equality campaign if former Executive Director (now Board Chairperson) of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Maggie Gallagher. Maggie had a child out-of-wedlock, has been married twice, and despite basically making herself the self-proclaimed world champion of traditional marriage, has never been seen at any event with an actual husband or any of her children. What a sad and small person she is. It would be easy to feel sorry for her, but she’s made it her mission in life to foment hate against loving, committed gay couples, so she gets what she deserves. In this case, a well deserved cartooning is in order.


Their whole argument about children doing best with a “mommy and daddy” rings less and less true everyday as more and more scientific research (realizing they don’t care much for real science or peer-reviewed research) shows that children do just fine (and in some cases slightly better) with parents of any gender and/or orientation, so long as there are two parents. Researchers at Stanford University just came out with another study confirming that children of gay parents do just as well. Poor Maggie, hate and bigotry, even against Gay people, just becomes harder and harder to justify, but at least she makes a good living at it.

NOMs Hip 2M4M Campaign

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Jul 282009

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM), one of the extreme right-wing fringe groups, has what they think is a hip new campaign they called 2M4M. Kind of like the tea-baggers, I’m guessing they didn’t think through the title completely before going public.

But that’s just fine, since it gives us all plenty to laugh about. And Joe Sudbay at Americablog has tipped me off to hilarious video by Andy Cobb about the 2M4M initiative by NOM.

May 062009

The brohaha over Carrie Prejean seems to be continuing as nudie pictures have surfaced, and she seems to think the contract she signed with the Miss California organization doesn’t mean anything. It all sounds so Christian to me. I mean how dishonest and hypocritical. Seems a perfect with today’s version of professional Christianity.

I’m sure most everyone’s seen the nudie photos of Ms. Prejean. She claims to be only 17 at the time and trying to become a Victoria’s Secret model. (Now there’s a fine Christian aspiration if ever I heard one.) The problems with all that is that everyone seems to think the boob she’s hiding with her arm appears to be Jugs Version 2 (post Miss CA purchase). Also, it raises the question, why wasn’t the photographer arrested for kiddie porn?

Of course Prejean goes all “oppressed because of her Christian beliefs” on us, claiming that people are just out to hurt her, and she’s really just a nice little Christian girl who was trying to get a job. The problem there, her contract with the Pageant specifically requires that she disclose if she’s ever done nude modeling. Miss Christian apparently lied about that one.

She appeared in the NOM ad, made appearances on their behalf, and done unapproved interviews. Once again, all that is a violation of the terms of the pageant contract. No one is out to get her, and she is NOT oppressed. Pulleaze…this girl has simply ripped up a binding contract, to which she willing agreed, and is out shooting herself in her pretty little feet.

Lying and failing to keep you legal commitments are not family or Christian values. She needs to quit playing that card. Do I care if she did some nude modeling? Of course not. Do I care if she does a NOM ad? Of course not, but I do care that she’s aligned herself with the professional christians, herself taking on this holier than thou attitude, but failing to explain how she’s managed to completely ignore her contractual obligations.

I hope they take the crown from her. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. Of course the professional christians will then parade her around as a martyr, but those who bother to learn the truth will realize she is just a spoiled little opportunistic bitch, who is also a sore loser.