Required Campaign and Voting Changes to Save America

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Mar 252016
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I was recently involved in an exchange with someone in a discussion thread about elections, candidates, and what a sad state we’ve reached in this country. We seem no longer interested in extending the right to free and fair elections, but have allowed Republican controlled legislatures and Congress to withdraw that freedom. And that doesn’t even take into account the Republican Clown Car of candidates they’ve posited for President.

One of the commenters concerns was that the founding fathers likely never envisioned a class of professional full-time politicians. I have to agree with him on that one. Some people argue that if the founders had meant to limit terms, they would have written it in, but then you look at Washington, and all the early Presidents who voluntarily limited their terms. I suspect they just assumed everyone would be as wise (boy were they mistaken). I used to be opposed to term limits for Congress and legislatures, but I’ve changed my mind on that one, and believe it is required for democracy to have a chance. That is sort of outside the scope of “elections,” but I wanted to include that. Continue reading »