Sometimes There’s Hope

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Sep 112012

I am constantly reading and hearing the anti-gay Christianists (the Krazy Kristian Kooks as I like to call them) talking about how the world will end if gay people are given equal rights, and their rights to bully are taken away. Just in the past couple of days, on Janet Medferds talk show she hosted professional gay hater and homophobe (and truly most likely a big queen himself) Peter LaBarbera. After crapping on the TV show “The New Normal” to fill air time, they go off on homosexuals in general with the following exchange:

Janet Mefferd: What it comes down to Peter is when you don’t have an objective moral standard in a society you can’t long stand. I’m watching this stuff unfold and I’m not a Jeremiah type generally, I tend to be pretty cheerful, but I look at this and think, I don’t think a country can recover from this, I really don’t.

 Peter LaBarbera: I tend to be a realist too which is why I don’t go around saying, we’re all going to come out of this OK, who knows? If there’s a revival I think there’s hope for us. I think without a revival I kind of agree with you, I think we’re seeing all the signs of a society in steep moral decline. Even this presidential race we’re faced between one candidate who has totally given over to the homosexual agenda, then the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, has actually come out for homosexuality in the Boy Scouts. It almost seems like our candidates themselves are sort of a judgment on this country.

I’m disturbed that I find myself in agreement with Peter on this one. If we don’t have some type of revival in this country, where we get back to believing that everyone should be treated equal under the law, and that we’re not a theocracy, and that bullying and hate are just wrong, then I don’t know if we’ll survive…so Peter, yes, I hope we have a revival, the kind led by Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, Virginia. (Take a Lesson Petey.)

Nov 162010

As I picked up my rental car here at Dulles Airport Monday morning, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, was on C-Span Radio trying to defend TSA’s ridiculous and overly intrusive pat downs and use of the prono-x-ray machines. I noticed she kept talking about people who opt out of the backscatter machines can get a “same-gender” pat down. She kept saying “same-gender” over and over.

It occurred to me that we could help get the right wingnuts on the side of good to help oppose this overly aggressive intrusion on the Constitution if we pointed out they might be getting groped by a gay person. Well lo’ and behold, it took Porno Pete (Peter LaBarbera, head of “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality) no time at all to catch on. So he quickly published this screed:

CHICAGO, Nov. 16 /Christian Newswire/ — Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) today questioned the propriety of “same-gender’ TSA (Transportation Security Administration) “pat-downs” — if the TSA agents doing the ‘patting down” are homosexual, lesbian or bisexual.

Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano went out of her way yesterday to stress that the TSA pat-downs are “same-gender” — mostly to reassure women that men will not be groping them at airports in the name of safety.

“But what about homosexual TSA agents?” AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera responded. “Isn’t it just as inappropriate for a ‘gay’ male TSA agent to pat down male travelers as it is for a normal, heterosexual male TSA agent to pat down female travelers?

“The reality is, most traveling men would not want Barney Frank to pat them down at the airport security checkpoint,” LaBarbera said. “Neither would it be fair to assign Ellen DeGeneres to pat down female travelers. (In the same vein, the Army should no more force normal male soldiers to shower and bunk with homosexual male soldiers than it would force females soldiers to bunk and shower with their male counterparts.)”

The TSA, as a federal agency, is barred from discriminating on the basis of “sexual orientation,” thanks to a pro-homosexual Executive Order signed by President Clinton in 1998.

Said LaBarbera: “Obviously Napolitano wants to assure the public that sexual tension will be taken out of the equation. Hence, we must take seriously the self-identified desires of homosexuals. ‘Gay’ men define themselves as being sexually attracted to other men. Lesbians are sexually attracted to women. And bisexuals are attracted to both.” Some observations:

Perhaps some common-sense, healthy “discrimination” is in order: the TSA should put conditions on employment for self-acknowledged homosexuals — that they not be assigned to pat down travelers so as to avoid being put in sexually compromising situations;

It would not be workable to assign, say, gay male TSA agents to pat down female travelers — as the latter — thinking the agents to be normal men — would protest that they are being patted down by males. Chaos would ensue;

Does the TSA know which of its employees are homosexual, anyway, and how? If not, is it fair to travelers who may end up getting “groped” by homosexual TSA agents who are secretly getting turned on through the process?

Could the TSA be subjected to a sexual harassment lawsuit if the agent who engages in an overly aggressive “same-gender pat-down” — and gets sued — turns out to be homosexual?
LaBarbera said that even if it could be assumed that most TSA agents — regardless of their sexual proclivities — would act professionally, that is not the issue. Male TSA agents — no matter how “professional” their conduct — cannot frisk female travelers.

“To allow homosexual agents to conduct same-gender pat-downs is tantamount to a new form of discrimination that must be recognized and prevented,” he said.

It just doesn’t get any crazier than this. For those who don’t know Porno Pete, he loves attending leather fetish conventions and taking lots and lots of photos, and apparently has an office full of “toys.”

Nov 102006

Well, it seems that Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth has decided that it’s not really George Allen’s fault that he lost the Senate election. It’s all because of the homosexuals. There are so many things wrong with this.

First off, anyone with even a single ping of gaydar will recognize this guy’s main problem. This is a guy that sneaks into gay leather-man conventions “to do research.” He has to do lot’s of research as it turns out. (wink wink)

Second, if gay people had all the power these religious right wing-nuts seem to think, why for God’s sake would we have allowed the Republicans to rule Congress for twelve years, and why would we have allowed George Bush to get elected (of course I think we did contribute to that some…ever watched Karl Rove closely?)

And LaBarbera has a solution to the problem in a press release today:

LaBarbera also called on all homosexual staff in both major parties to be open about their lifestyle in the interest of full disclosure to the public and each Member’s constituents.

I’ll go along with that, just so long as sweet little Peter is prepared to promise that all the Krazy Kristian Kooks that are also closeted gay people will come out as well. I can think of a few places where it could start. (Can Peter come out and play?) And good grief, check out the pictures of some of the staff ministers at Ted Haggard’s church. I’d be surprised if there’s a straight one among them. (Haggard you’ll recall is the Head of the Evangelicals in America who was outed by his regular hustler.)